The economy

yah - it's on everyone's mind. Not a day goes by where we don't have to face more bad news and we don't even watch the national news. Here in the Northwest we have enough bad news. Boeing, Microsoft and even Nordstroms are posting loses and handing out layoff notices. To make it worse, there are companies flat out closing their doors leaving 100's out of work. I can't think of one person who isn't affected in some way or another.

We have friends who have recently lost their jobs or soon will - friends with families, large families with only one income. I can't even begin to imagine how their lives will change. The hardest part is watching it all happen. No one is immune. But even in the midst of all the terrible things occuring there is hope.

There is hope in the Lord. Hope in our friends. Hope in the faces of our children who know how to find joy even when times are tough. There are plenty of reasons to have hope. FAITH is the main one. I have FAITH ---faith that we will pull out of this better off than when we started - FAITH that God won't let me face anything that I can't handle with His help. FAITH that good will come from the bad. FAITH that David will provide for us. Don't get me wrong, FAITH isn't easy to have -- it doesn't just fill me up every day and push out all the bad. I have to make the choice to have FAITH. I have to pray to have FAITH. I have to be the one to push out the bad feelings and fill that space with FAITH. Me ---with the Lord's help that is. This is my struggle - I get so wrapped up in the crap that I forget. I'm telling you --- don't forget to find the FAITH. If everyone could find just a bit everyday - we would all make it through this better people. I will pray for you -- you pray for me, Okay?

Sometimes, I need to remind myself of what Iwe are thankful for. Currently we are so thankful that David has a stable job and a job that is needed no matter what the economy is. For that, I praise the Lord every day. We are thankful that he was given a Cost of Living Adjustment this year. We are thankful that all our kids are healthy and strong. We are thankful that we live in a warm, safe place with plenty of room. We are thankful for a strong marriage. Financial troubles are tough on a marriage. We are thankful for great friends and extended family who remind us daily that we are loved. Most of all we are thankful for a God who will never leave us or forsake us.

Praise the Lord today - find the joy and the Faith to smile.

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