Crazy Busy

Yep--that was me yesterday, on the go from the moment I got out of bed at 5am!

Yesterday was the scrapbooking garage sale up in Bellingham that Trasury of Memories sponsers. They rent a church hall and you pay $20 a table to bring your stuff to sell. We share tables and so we share that fee. You price all your own stuff with labels they provide with your # on them. It's some crazy stuff, let me tell you. The vendors get to set up at 7:30 and then start shopping if they want. The general shoppers get let in at 9:00am. When they open those doors, over 100+ shoppers dive at the tables. At that point, we take a seat on the stage and just watch! Amazing all the stuff that they buy! By 11:45 it's all over and most of the stuff is all gone. Everything left can be donated to the Children's Hospital!

I headed up with Andrea, Pam, Tamara, and Sara. We took turns watching the tables and walking over to TOM - the Scrapbook Store - to check out their sales for the day too. I think I priced about $500 worth of stuff, but including the stuff that didn't sell, the stuff I ended up donating, and the stuff I marked down, I think I sold about $300 worth of goodies! I will have a gift certificate for that to spend up there at their store. I am going to wait till my new scrap space is finished and then take a day trip up there and spend it all at once on new goodies for my room. That is the fun part!

I arrived home at 3:30 in time to find out that Austin was not feeling great and that our family dinner party plans might need to be canceled. Needless to say, I found myself extrememly grumpy and thought for a minute about not going. But, we had bought dress clothes and planned this for a month, so everyone humored me and we went. Well, we got lost and by 5:00pm (an hour after the party started) we arrived at the Newport Yacht Club late and I was even grumpier than when we left the house. Remember I was exhausted. I had gotten to bed really late the night before - and was running an about 4 hours of sleep.

So, we arrived just as they were saying grace for dinner, and all the tables were packed and we ended up grabbing plates and eating outside on the deck. It was a fantastic dinner and ever thought it was 50 degrees out, it was the first warm day of the year and the sunset was gorgeous. My mood finally started to lift and within the hour I was glad we were there. After dinner and cake they cleared the tables from the dance floor and the party started.

OMGosh---Luke can dance. He started out being a gentleman and dancing with Lily. They must have danced for 15 minutes before the music changed and off he went. At one point, everyone cleared the dance floor to watch him go - I had people I've never met coming up and asking me if he was my son and where did he learn to dance. It was hysterical. He took it all very seriously and he went non-stop for over an hour. It was a very proud mom-moment. Keep in mind that I am musically challenged and that carries over to the dance floor. I just can't dance. There was even a time, when 3-4 ladies at the party - came over to him and asked him to dance.

dancing1luke dancing

There were 3 other little boys there his age and the other little girls wanted to dance too. So at one point Luke was dancing with three of them and trying to figure out how to spin them. He went over to the other boys and said---hey can you dance too? They said no way. So he went back to the girls and one by one took them by the hand, gave them a spin, dipped them and moved on to the next one. I thought I was going to pee myself. I don't think the other boys thought it was very cool --- but they definitely knew that Luke was having way more fun than they were. They would just stand and watch like the rest of the crowd. One of them got his courage up and tried to cut in and have a turn, but by then Luke just said - No.

Did I mention he was doing a lift too? Remember he is only 8 and the little girls are 4 and 5. But he would pick them up and twirl them aroung before gently setting them back down and carrying on.

Anyway this continued for awhile and then the chicken dance came on and then the hokie pokie and then the twist ---you get the idea. All the music that they play after everyone has loosened up and the kind of music everyone can dance to. So off we all went - then you just keep dancing. Even Chase gave the dancing thing a try and he was great too. All the kids were! Jordan & Austin did some swing dancing, Chase mastered the YMCA, and David & I even had a few moments too. A great time. We danced for the last hour of the party. All of us -- out on the dance floor sweating and having a great time. A fabulous family moment. So glad we went.

dancing 2chase dancing

Sorry about the terrible pics, I didn't have my camera and this one was the worts - delay and flash issues kept me from getting any good pics. But, I'll take what I can get.

Did I mention that it was my great- great Aunt's 80th birthday? Tons of extended family that I have only met once or twice in my adult life. So happy to see everyone again, and most of them commented on what a fantastic family I have. Friendly, outgoing children not afraid of anything. Again I was amazed because I am an introvert. I was never the life of any party growing up - and the reason I barely remember any of these folks is because I usually kept a very low profile at family events growing up. Where do my kids get this from? I don't know - but man am I glad they have it. Their lives will be full of tons of fun moments that they make for themselves. Fabulous!

Almost forgot --- funny moment of the night. When they were giving the toast to the birthday girl, they introduced all her kids. She has 5, 4 boys and a girl. As I was watching, I felt like I was watching a vision of my life in 40 years. My kids, 4 boys and a girl, throwing me a 80th birthday party. Right about that time, Austin must have seen it too. He leans down and gives me a kiss and says - don't worry, we'll throw you a party just like this..........................in 20 years!

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thats the cutest thing ever, a true little gentleman

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