Brownies---I mean Cake!

As we were sitting at the dinner table tonight, Chase asked if we had any dessert. Rarely do we have time for a sit down dinner all together let alone have dessert planned. So the answer to Chase's question was no---we had no dessert. So, a plan was devised. David & Austin would go for ice cream and Luke, Chase & I would make brownies and we would have a hot delicious dessert within the hour.

We grabbed a box of dark Chocolate brownie mix (or so we thought) and added extra chocolate sryup and a cover of mini chocolate chips:


As I was mixing it, I thought to myself --- hmm, this seems lite & fluffy! I checked the ingredients and all was okay. So in the oven they went. The timer went off and the ice cream arrived. We pulled out the brownies and they were 2 1/2 inches thick! Turns out we had cooked a fabulous Dark Chocolate Cake! It was a good thing that we added all that extra chocolate so it still ended up moist! It was one heavenly dessert!

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Andrea Ancich said...

um... sounds so delicious!
i'll have some!

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