Slackin again.

I have been a slacker again - well at least when it comes to bloggin. I was thinking that I just blogged but when I looked, I realized it was over a week ago. Funny how time flies. It was my birthday yesterday! I turned 44 - sure don't feel like 44. Not that 44 is old - just older than I feel. I have felt so good lately and I am trying to make the most of it. No headaches, no backaches - just general well-being! Got to love that.

Jordan cooked me a Weight Watchers Meal last night (yes, I'm back on the points system - but that's another story!). It was fabulous! Chicken fried rice and teriyaki beef shiskabobs! WOnderful! Travis & Michelle joined us and that is always a treat. They brought me flowers - carnations - one of my favorites! David bought me this:


but the one I got is another foot wider. I am so excited! I spent the day organizing all the boys toys in the family room and who would have thought that a little bit of organization could bring such joy! Go figure.

I have been challenged by Sher - on her blog - to see if I can keep myself from telling my kids "in a minute" - this week. This is going to be tough. Considering that I must say this about 20 times a day especially during school! So, I am taking the challenge---but hoping to just cut down on the times I have to say it! Life is so busy all the time--that I fall into the habit of making everyone wait and I don't mean to. It's definitely a worthwhile challenge!

It was a great weekend - Tomorrow starts a whirlwind 3 weeks that includes a 4 day retreat and a week in California --- in between all the school and sports that are starting up! So, if you don't hear from me - I'm sorry in advance!

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