Ready to start fresh

New Years Day has come and gone and we are back in teh seing of things. I like the fresh start-- the Christmas decorations are put away, the lights are down, the yard has been cleaned, the wood chopped and stacked and the trip to the dump has been made. It feels so good. There are so many things in my life that could use a fresh start. Just the joy of being able to tell yourself "forget what happened and move on". I am so thankful that the Lord allows me to do that as many times as I need to. & Let me tell you, I need to. Every morning feels like a fresh start - a new day to try to be more patient, more friendly, more compassionate. I don't do resolutions, but each day is a blessing. My goal is to wake up every morning knowing that the Lord loves me and that I can forget. Forget my mistakes and try again. Here's to experiencing the "fresh start" feeling that we have today - every morning this year!


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By the way - I love my sewing machine! Thanks Mom!

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