I can't shake

this feeling that I am missing something --- not like I am missing out on something --- but that I am missing something that I should have. Like forgetting to do something that is really important. I just can't put my finger on it. I hope it doesn't come to me too late! Isn't that always the case? But, if it does - I am going to hope that was in God's plan and that I didn't really mess something up!

On another note, we heard from Tommy last night and Angie had her 16 week checkup and her and the baby are doing great! David is going to make plans to head down there to help with the baby room at the end of April. Then hopefully, we will all get to go down again once the baby is born - well at least David & I. It's just so exciting!

I am heading out to a scrapping retreat for the weekend with some gals. Even though I am really excited to see everyone - it's kind of one of those bittersweet things. We are always limited to how many we can have - due to space restrictions - so there are always tons of girls that I would have loved to invite! I have visions of doing one of these retreats at some hotel with a huge conference hall so that everyone and anyone who wants to join us can! But, until we can afford to do that, we are limitied to just a few ladies enjoying some of the cabins that are within our circle of connections. If anyone out there in my little blog world has any ideas where 10-20 ladies can meet and scrap for the weekend - please share them with me!

Like usual - David is a great guy and is juggling all the kids activities this weekend in addition to his poker game. On top of that, he will only have one car - so not a lot of opportunity for Jordan to help out. All I know is that --this is another one of 100 reasons why I love that man. No hesitation - just go and have a great time. I'll take care of EVERYTHING. And he does.

On a more serious note, a friend of mine is going through a tough time. Her older son is in the midst of a ton of tests and the prognosis is a rough one. Without sharing anything else - I want to ask you to keep them in your prayers. They could use some comfort and healing during this. Thanks -

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