A Glorious Weekend in LaConner

The weather was cold and clear - the friends were happy and healthy - the music was eclectic and loud - the cabin was cozy and warm - and the scrappin' goodness was plentiful. WHat more could you ask for?

We had a great time. I love the feeling of re-connecting with friends that I haven't seen in months and falling comfortably right back in tune with them. That is always amazing to me. The sign of good friendships. There was only one thing missing and that would be Tami - her family got sick and they needed her more than we did. I missed her easy humor and her ability to "get" me.

We ventured down to the water's edge on Sunday when Amy & Laurie arrived ---they came for the day. The tide was going out and the jump from the bottom step of the staircase was about 4 feet tall into driftwood. We didn't really "jump" - more like scooted down. Climbing back up was an adventure and we all celebrated when we made it make to the top!

IMG_7031 137jen

girls 1

the girls 5-7

A big Thank You goes to my Auntie for letting us use her cabin---it was beautiful!

thank you copy

A couple girls only came for a few hours on Sunday and most of the gals had to leave on Sunday afternoon -- so most of the excitement and humor was Friday night and Saturday - it was good to laugh and forget. Definitely a much needed retreat. Of course, I got tons done - didn't have my box from the Diner but I scrapped non-stop anyway! I played with a fabulous February kit from Dixie Pieces Kit Club - and I will have those pics for you on February 1st.

The ones I can show you:

A challenge for the Scrap-Diner about something that brings me simple joy:

simple joy

A challenge for the Scrap-Diner about a little known fact about me - my adoption:

so loved

A combined challenge for Dixie Pieces to use snowflakes and the February Pink Lady Lift (sorry can't reveal who that is yet!):

snow happy! copy

And the rest just to make me happy:

seattle center

saughter is sunshine

peek a boo 2

chase is 12

a boy and a girl

presidential detail

i scrap

hooo I am at 44

And a special layout for my mom - who I love tons and who made her first ever scrapbook page this weekend all by herself!

my friend my mom

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Sherine said...

Wowzer kazowwie! look at all that scrapping madness!

I love the candid shots too.

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