Getting ready to fly again

My kids are a bit grumpy --- but they know they love it when I leave! I am off again on a week trip to Arizona to meet Sher and then we are driving over to Anaheim to CHA--the Craft & Hobby Association Convention and Trade SHow. I love my time there---all that wonderful product and all those great talented people. Wow--just can't wait. If you are around town here--check in on my family and see if they need anything!

See you in a week!


A Glorious Weekend in LaConner

The weather was cold and clear - the friends were happy and healthy - the music was eclectic and loud - the cabin was cozy and warm - and the scrappin' goodness was plentiful. WHat more could you ask for?

We had a great time. I love the feeling of re-connecting with friends that I haven't seen in months and falling comfortably right back in tune with them. That is always amazing to me. The sign of good friendships. There was only one thing missing and that would be Tami - her family got sick and they needed her more than we did. I missed her easy humor and her ability to "get" me.

We ventured down to the water's edge on Sunday when Amy & Laurie arrived ---they came for the day. The tide was going out and the jump from the bottom step of the staircase was about 4 feet tall into driftwood. We didn't really "jump" - more like scooted down. Climbing back up was an adventure and we all celebrated when we made it make to the top!

IMG_7031 137jen

girls 1

the girls 5-7

A big Thank You goes to my Auntie for letting us use her cabin---it was beautiful!

thank you copy

A couple girls only came for a few hours on Sunday and most of the gals had to leave on Sunday afternoon -- so most of the excitement and humor was Friday night and Saturday - it was good to laugh and forget. Definitely a much needed retreat. Of course, I got tons done - didn't have my box from the Diner but I scrapped non-stop anyway! I played with a fabulous February kit from Dixie Pieces Kit Club - and I will have those pics for you on February 1st.

The ones I can show you:

A challenge for the Scrap-Diner about something that brings me simple joy:

simple joy

A challenge for the Scrap-Diner about a little known fact about me - my adoption:

so loved

A combined challenge for Dixie Pieces to use snowflakes and the February Pink Lady Lift (sorry can't reveal who that is yet!):

snow happy! copy

And the rest just to make me happy:

seattle center

saughter is sunshine

peek a boo 2

chase is 12

a boy and a girl

presidential detail

i scrap

hooo I am at 44

And a special layout for my mom - who I love tons and who made her first ever scrapbook page this weekend all by herself!

my friend my mom


I can't shake

this feeling that I am missing something --- not like I am missing out on something --- but that I am missing something that I should have. Like forgetting to do something that is really important. I just can't put my finger on it. I hope it doesn't come to me too late! Isn't that always the case? But, if it does - I am going to hope that was in God's plan and that I didn't really mess something up!

On another note, we heard from Tommy last night and Angie had her 16 week checkup and her and the baby are doing great! David is going to make plans to head down there to help with the baby room at the end of April. Then hopefully, we will all get to go down again once the baby is born - well at least David & I. It's just so exciting!

I am heading out to a scrapping retreat for the weekend with some gals. Even though I am really excited to see everyone - it's kind of one of those bittersweet things. We are always limited to how many we can have - due to space restrictions - so there are always tons of girls that I would have loved to invite! I have visions of doing one of these retreats at some hotel with a huge conference hall so that everyone and anyone who wants to join us can! But, until we can afford to do that, we are limitied to just a few ladies enjoying some of the cabins that are within our circle of connections. If anyone out there in my little blog world has any ideas where 10-20 ladies can meet and scrap for the weekend - please share them with me!

Like usual - David is a great guy and is juggling all the kids activities this weekend in addition to his poker game. On top of that, he will only have one car - so not a lot of opportunity for Jordan to help out. All I know is that --this is another one of 100 reasons why I love that man. No hesitation - just go and have a great time. I'll take care of EVERYTHING. And he does.

On a more serious note, a friend of mine is going through a tough time. Her older son is in the midst of a ton of tests and the prognosis is a rough one. Without sharing anything else - I want to ask you to keep them in your prayers. They could use some comfort and healing during this. Thanks -


Slackin again.

I have been a slacker again - well at least when it comes to bloggin. I was thinking that I just blogged but when I looked, I realized it was over a week ago. Funny how time flies. It was my birthday yesterday! I turned 44 - sure don't feel like 44. Not that 44 is old - just older than I feel. I have felt so good lately and I am trying to make the most of it. No headaches, no backaches - just general well-being! Got to love that.

Jordan cooked me a Weight Watchers Meal last night (yes, I'm back on the points system - but that's another story!). It was fabulous! Chicken fried rice and teriyaki beef shiskabobs! WOnderful! Travis & Michelle joined us and that is always a treat. They brought me flowers - carnations - one of my favorites! David bought me this:


but the one I got is another foot wider. I am so excited! I spent the day organizing all the boys toys in the family room and who would have thought that a little bit of organization could bring such joy! Go figure.

I have been challenged by Sher - on her blog - to see if I can keep myself from telling my kids "in a minute" - this week. This is going to be tough. Considering that I must say this about 20 times a day especially during school! So, I am taking the challenge---but hoping to just cut down on the times I have to say it! Life is so busy all the time--that I fall into the habit of making everyone wait and I don't mean to. It's definitely a worthwhile challenge!

It was a great weekend - Tomorrow starts a whirlwind 3 weeks that includes a 4 day retreat and a week in California --- in between all the school and sports that are starting up! So, if you don't hear from me - I'm sorry in advance!


Ready to start fresh

New Years Day has come and gone and we are back in teh seing of things. I like the fresh start-- the Christmas decorations are put away, the lights are down, the yard has been cleaned, the wood chopped and stacked and the trip to the dump has been made. It feels so good. There are so many things in my life that could use a fresh start. Just the joy of being able to tell yourself "forget what happened and move on". I am so thankful that the Lord allows me to do that as many times as I need to. & Let me tell you, I need to. Every morning feels like a fresh start - a new day to try to be more patient, more friendly, more compassionate. I don't do resolutions, but each day is a blessing. My goal is to wake up every morning knowing that the Lord loves me and that I can forget. Forget my mistakes and try again. Here's to experiencing the "fresh start" feeling that we have today - every morning this year!


top design

love notes

happy & Married

play hard sleep well

By the way - I love my sewing machine! Thanks Mom!


Happy New Year~!

Wow - 2009. Remember the 2K scare? Seems like yesterday. But, nope---it was 9 years ago. Time really does fly by. There is so much to look forward to this year for us. No resolutions, just lots of anticipation for some fun stuff.

The biggest one of course is our new addition to the family. Tom & Angies baby will arrive in June and we are all so darn excited for that. It's been a long time since we had a little one to oogle over and love. Of course, I can't wait for all those fabulous photos! Just the thought of scrapping my first grandchild sends shivers of joy down my spine!

On top of the baby - we have lots of sports and school milestones this year to experience as well as the thought of the remodel completion that is just weeks away!

We went as a family to visit some friends last night and that started off a year of committing to be more social! Sounds easy--but we are always so busy, that when we get some down time - all we want to do is veg out by ourselves at home. We need to change that - friends are gifts that make us smile, laugh, and experience and we need a little push in that direction this year.

In addition, of course, eating better is always a good goal. Not really a resolution, but at least it will be front and center in our minds for a while with the hope that some more good things will sink in! One can always hope!

With the New Year brings a new month and a new kit over at Dixie Pieces and they have stepped out of their box and come up with a terrific - stylish kit for January:


Here are my designs for the month:

sweet moments

rising star



2 cute to spook

jan card 2

jan card

jan card 3

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