A breath of Fresh Air!

It's Wednesday -- one of my favorite days of the whole week. I don't know why exactly---just feels like the most organized day of the week for me! I usually have my to do list written and a few things checked off by Wednesday with still 2 more days to accomplish them before the weekend. For some reason that just makes me happy!

I got fabulous news this morning! I won a blog giveaway from the gals over at LUXE Designs! I can't tell you how thrilled I am! The new paper line - Simply Luxe - is right up my alley - all the fabulous paper in those fabullous colors with those fabulous linear designs! WOW! And I have to tell you, if you haven't met Emily Adams before you should check out her blog - I met her at CHA Anaheim last year - just another student in her class - but man was she inspirational! She went through a time in her life that led her to pursue her dream of creating and I remember that look in her eye as she told us the story. It was pure joy - joy of finding your true place in life. I loved that. She is real, inspiring and truly a creative wonder!

And to top it off ---turns out the LUXE Designs is the manufacturer of the month over at Scrap-Diner for the month of May! Use all that wonderful Luxe paper in your stash or head over to the Diner Store and pick some up! Every creation you make and post to the gallery gets you a chance in the drawing at the end of the month for a fabulous RAK from the Diner!

& I heard from a good source that there is a possibility of a chat with Emily sometime soon! So, head over to the Diner for all sorts of wonderfulness during the month of May. We have new kit designers as well as 3 new DT members to offer tons of new inspiration! The big announcement will be made tomorrow at the Diner!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! The Diner Blog is in the process of being revamped and will be rocking the whole month of May ---so go check it out!

Here are a few pictures of Luke's birthday for you:

Apr 27 2008 001-1

Apr 27 2008 006-1

this is a fun one---we let all the kids draw on the walls in the new construction - big birthday card!
Apr 27 2008 022

Apr 27 2008 045

and the Pinata ---- we had a huge line up of kids that wanted a turn to swing and it started to break too early---so we had to repair it!



Comedy of Errors

It has been raining destruction at my house over the last 5 days. It has been one thing after another and all has combined to drive me just a little bit crazy! Of course---after letting it all get to me----I have been able to resolve most of the issues today with little lingering effects.

Let's see:

1.boys accidently dumped a whole bowl of Coco Puffs and milk upside down on my laptop keyboard ---computer is dead
2. son wanted to see what my circle cutter did - so he tried it out on my fiberglass craft mat ---craft mat is dead
3. daughter tried to park hubby's truck in a small parking space and knicked another car ---still waiting to hear from them
4. refridgeraor is leaking --- turns out I just need to defrost the freezer
5. son accidently skipped a rock right into brand new french doors and shattered one side --- replacement can be ordered from Home Depot for $50
6. daughter accidently dropped Canon Reble EOS on the floor breaking the battery compartment --- part ordered and installed for $13

so, all in all----after ranting about all these issues, most of them have resolved themselves in a not to costly manner. For sure---they all could have been worse!

In addition, took Jordan to the specialist today and her leg is going to be fine---she doesn't have compartment's syndrome and has new information on how to protect her shins in the future. She even gets to play on Saturday in the semi-final State Cup game. She is thrilled.

I will come back later to give you some pics!


Weighed in Yesterday!

Weighed in late this week--but I think Friday is my new day. Looking through my calendar, I see that I am available most Friday mornings. So, change of plans----weigh in Fridays!

okay--so, I am down 1 pound for a total of 9 so far in 5 weeks. I will take it --we all wish we could lose it faster---but just losing works for me! My short term goal for this week is to hit 10 pounds and get my second star. Had a bad start yesterday - again with the ice cream. It is my weekness -- so I have to have the kids (daughter & husband!) keep it out of here!

Construction crew is pouring the driveway today - I will post pictures soon!

Nothing too exciting today!

Love ya!


Just the News....

So, for those of you that think I forgot Weigh in Monday, I didn't! Last week, I went on Tuesday and this week I am going on Friday. I am hoping to LOVE the teacher tomorrow because Friday's seem to be the day that will work best for me! I will let you know how I do tomorrow.

THis week has been tough for me ---food wise. I was sick on Saturday and instead of not wanting to eat, I kept eating to keep my stomach from hurting. Go figure! ANyway, got back on track on Monday, so I will be thrilled if at least I break even this time around!

Took J to the doc yesterday and we got some bad news. She is out of soccer, work and any remote type of physical activity for at least 10 days. She is on the verge of something called Compartment's Syndrome in her right leg and it isn't a good thing. She needs to be sitting for the majority of the day----if you know her, this really isn't possible. But, I plan on making her because the alternatives aren't good. If this turns into something acute - then surgery could be necessary and her nerves in her leg could be in jeopardy. So we are taking this very seriously and hoping she will recover quickly. We see the specialist Tuesday morning. I will keep you updated.

The puppy is doing great - he's had some accidents in the house--but not too many. He is sleeping through the night and even took a car ride yesterday to the ball game without getting sick. He still didn't like the car ride, but we made progress!

The driveway guys are here and it looks like they may pour the cement tomorrow. Life with contractors is not good right now. We had a falling out and I'm sure we all just want this to be over. Now, I understand why most people don't get along with their contractors. But, all in all, I am still thrilled with my "new space" and think those that actually worked on it -- did a good job. Rick was a fabulous foreman.

There is a wonderful designer out there named Lucy Chesna --- I had the pleasure of sitting on the Scrap-Diner DT with her for awhile. Not only is she the face behind Pubcalls but she is a great sketch artist. Check out her Sketchworld blog and see for yourself! I scrapped with one of her sketches today and loved it!

Here is my layout:

meet cooper


New Pictures!

Someone asked me the other day, what I do when I get in a scrapbook funk. My response was I just start taking pictures and ignore my scrap space for a few days. So, I not really in a funk--but I realized that I am running out of good pics to scrap and that I haven't picked up my camera in awhile! So, here are some pics that I took of the boys this morning---after giving them haircuts.

flickr dog copy

flickr chaseluke

flickr tulips

flickr goofy

flickr boys copy

boys flickr

In other news--baseball is going well --Chase has found his swing and has had beautiful hits in both of the last twwo games. Austin is amazing on the mound and has even kept his pitch count to under 15 pitces an inning. Luke is smoking the ball and plays an awesome first base.

Jordan was injured in the state cup game last Saturday---and has finally agreed to see the doctor today. I will update you later on that.

Travis & Josh stopped by yesterday---good to see them together and hanging out.

My pet peeve of the day---standardized testing for homeschoolers. So I think the WASL is the most overrated and unnecessary test ever--so I have never made my kids do it. However, the state of WA will not give a kid a diploma unless they pass this stupid test as a tenth grader. Anyway---it's not just 10th grade that they give it. They take 2 weeks every year to give it to every kid in every grade just so when they get to 10th grade they will pass it. I could go on and on forever---but if you want to know about the WASL--google it. It is very controversial. Anyway--yesterday I went to my student learning plan meeting with the teacher that oversees us at the resource center. First thing she wanted to know---was why aren't they testing. Well, I shared my opinion (which by the way she agreed with) and then we had to figure out an alternative test. So, today out of the blue they have to go in and take the ITBS test. Now, don't get me wrong---testing is fine. But as a homeschool mom--I don't always teach them in the right order. Sometimes, we learn about things out of order and as a group. SO giving them a test say in Science is going to be useless. But, we will do it.

Funny thing is-----they don't care if my boys fail this test or if they pass--they just have to have it on record.

Thanks for letting me rant.


Sickie Sunday

Well--it officially has hit everyone in the house now! I was down and out yesterday all day---just couldn't it together all day---never really got "sick" but felt like I wanted to the whole day. Then this morning---David was sheetrocking and at about 11 am---he hit a wall. All of a sudden he just felt terrible and he's been sleeping since. The boys are all doing better--of course---and they are totally bored because we are laying around doing nothing! It is even a battle to take the dog outside right now!

But, life will go on. Sometime this week, it will go on!

Weight Watchers was put to the wayside - to much work to eat good when you aren't feeling good. I think I have had 3 bowls of cereal in the last 24 hours. Comfort food. Maybe I will skip weigh in this week and go next Monday. We'll see.

One thing I wanted to do, was post this for Jordan. It is a layout she did of her "Converse" and she is going to post it to a Challenge Blog Contest. Since she doesn't have her own blog yet, I am posting it for her:

The challenge is for http://categorystories.blogspot.com




Luke is recovered---and back to business, playing and all that important stuff! So, life is good again at our house.

Yesterday---I was so happy----there was construction noise going on all day! The excavators were here and got my front yard ready for the driveway and the new front yard. David & Austin were hanging sheetrock and Rick was outside putting finishing touches on the house. I never thought I would be happy to be surrounded by construction noise. :)

Hangin more sheetrock today------ remember that manicure that I got a few days ago? Well it was fabulous--and the pedicure was everything you'all said it would be. So much fun----well, I am taking a picture today, because I am off to hang sheetrock and that might be the end of my nails. I hope not--but it was fun while it lasted! Work is calling me.

Finished a couple of layouts for the Scrap-Diner today----they were fun ones. Outside of my box---love that. I like to be pushed to the limit. Well, most of the time!

This is for the last Challenge of the Blast-a-thon (still have 3 more days ladies to get those layouts done and entered for chances to win some great prizes). The challenge-----what to you wish you could buy?

Here is mine:
hmmmm copy

This next one is the VLF Challenge ---you have till the end of the month to do this one! What tool or tools do you have sitting around collecting dust that you just HAD TO HAVE? Take the plunge and use them! I used my Silhouette and the Bazzill Stitchz that I have been scared of~!

sweet sunshine

Finally---a layout I did for a contest--------but I was disqualified because I used 6 buttons and not 5! Oh well, I love the layout and that makes me happy!

my girl

Cooper is doind good--seems to grow before our eyes. It's amazing---he needs his shots today--which means getting him in the car and making him carsick----oh, well---life is hard sometimes!

cooper 5-7



Rescheduled my mani & pedi for this evening---pook Luke is still really sick. Feel better soon little one.

Weigh in Monday (????????)

Okay--so it's not Monday. It's Wednesday and I weighed in on Tuesday so that Auntie Debbie could join me! (Good for her--BTW!)

If you were here, you would see 2 pounds less of me today! That makes for a total of 8 pounds in the first four weeks. Right on track. I am hoping to stay on track this week, however, I found myself snacking all day yesterday. At least they were good snacks and I may not have gone over my total by much. But, I definitely didn't eat healthy. That is my goal today--fruit & vegetables and lots of water.

Oh, and a nap! Luke arrived in my room at 11pm announcing that he had gotten sick all over his bed----he proceeded to sleep on the floor next to my bed, so I could make sure he hit the bucket----and he did----eight more times throughout the night. Combine that with taking Cooper out 3 times and I'm sure that I will be living on coffee & fumes the whole day.

Planned a special treat for myself today (manicure & pedicure)--scheduled it 2 weeks ago. Hoping that I will still get to sneak out of here for an hour. Not usual to spend money on myself--but I am going to splurge---a whole $40! 2 weeks ago, when I scheduled the appointment, that wasn't very much $$$. Today, though---it feels like a fortune and the guilt is creeping in. The window on David's truck won't roll up and you would think---what $100 or so? NOT---the part alone was $295! I just can't even imagine that. So, today they will fix it and I will fork over almost $400 to a window company. Definitely not in the budget. So, like I said--the guilt is creeping in -----------------------

But, I'm going anyway---because I had to clean up puke (sorry) all night and because it will make me feel better. I will worry about the budget later ---and I will do it with pretty toes and fingers!

BTW---never had a pedicure before--don't like people messing with my feet! I hear they are wonderful--so I am stepping out of my comfort zone and hoping to feel like a princess for at least an hour. Then home---and back into the maid uniform!

Here are a couple of new pics of Cooper---are you tired of them yet?

cute 5-7

close up 5-7

Photo credit goes to Luke---my 7 year old---he's got quite the eye for a great picture.

And last but not least---a couple of very quick & easy layouts designed for the Blast-a-Thon challenges over at the Scrap-Diner~

This one was on fear -with rub-ons and white space:


This one was on rhymes with bling:

be thankful

This one was just because:

army fatigue


I Found Another Challenge Blog!

There are some great challenge blogs out there right now! This one is called the color story challenge --- http://www.colorstorychallenge.com and I was so inspired by what I call the lesson! The challenge involves a sketch and a color combo and the assignment was awesome! Head over there and check it out!

Here is my take on the challenge---this is one of my favorites of all J's senior pictures.

Jordan senior pic copy

Of course --- I couldn't blog without giving you some more pics of my newest baby --Cooper.

4-11 4-6 3


4-12 4-61

4-12 4-63

4-11 4-62


Meet Cooper

Here he is --the newest member of our family-Cooper. We are so excited. In fact, Jordan has already bonded with him. She got to hold him the 70 minute ride home when he proceeded to throw up 3 times, drool everywhere and cry the whole way. By the third time, she had his head in the bucket! Now that would have been the picture. He is doing better now that we are home and he is outside. Phew--that was a tough ride!

cooper 3

cooper 2

cooper 1

Friday Fun!

We are going on a road trip today to Sedro Wooley---about 70 miles north of us. I can't tell you why--that's a surprise! But, check back here later tonight and you will see!

Oh yeah! Blast-a-Thon has started over at the Scrap-Diner!

blast a thon

Head on over and do the fun challenges! There will be one a day for the next eight days and you have until a week from this Sunday to get them done and posted to the right thread in the forum! Then you qualify for some awesome prizes from the Diner! It is a wacky crop full of fun and all based on the song by the Bare Naked Ladies.

Challenge one:

Bare Naked LO Sound easy? The Challenge: Bare Naked LO. You heard that right. No patterned anything. You can use solid C/S, solid colored Ribbon, Brads, Bling, flowers Etc. But nothing that has a pattern on it. You can create you own pattern, but it can't be printed.

here is my take on Challenge #1


The Diner is also having a fabulous contest sponsered by Cosmo Cricket to show their new blackboard product! So create a layout with 75% Cosmo product with at least one piece of blackboard on it and you could win a fabulous prize package directly from Cosmo Cricket!

Here is one from me!

my heroes

another Cosmo--without the blackboard though:


and one just for fun!



thescrapdragons challenge blog

So, thanks to some online friends---I found a fun challenge blog. A couple of challenges a month and it's great because it helps me think outside the box. I love that & I love a good challenge. The first one this month is in honor of April Fool's Day. You must use the word "fool" somewhere on the page, add an unusual item, and use no more than one item per product line. So here is what I came up with:

summer shower

So if you are up for a fun challenge--check out the fun over at www.thescrapdragons.blogspot.com !

Another layout I completed today -just because I have been feeling a little crazy lately. I did this to remind myself of the power of faith. Faith is to believe in what you can't see. Faith is to give all your worries and cares up to the Lord and KNOW that they will be taken care of. Faith is not questioning how they are taken care of.


Sick kiddos--

Yep--it's finally hit our house. The crud--that is. One down and recovered, one still in bed, and 4 left to go! But, I always figure that it is the Lord's way of telling us all to slow down! So, that's what we are doing today. No school or classes, no errands, and no expectations. Just some good old fashion rest and relaxaction! It is expecially nice because there is no construction crew outside hammering away! SPeaking of that---here is a new picture for you---I am posting the "before" shot too!



I have become used to the new look---but when I see it together with the "before" picture, I am just amazed at the transformation! The sheetrock is getting stocked on Thursday and should be up within a week. I can't wait to share with you the inside pics----especially my new art loft!

I've been scrapping a bit lately--getting ready for the crop over at the Scrap-Diner this weekend! It's going to be a fabulous time! The place is hopping with talent and we have like 30 new active members just from the last week! This crop is going to be wacky, wild, & tons of fun! Come check it out!

I almost forgot---here is a challenge for you---everything has to have a one word answer

1. Where is your cell phone? Kitchen
2. Your significant other? Dave
3. Your hair? brown
4. Your mother? scrapper
5. Your father? awol
6. Your favorite thing? quiet
7. Your dream last night? layout
8. Your favorite drink? propel
9. Your dream/goal? grandchildren
10. The room you’re in? Office
11. Your ex? none
12. Your fear? loss
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Here
14. Where were you last night? game
15. What you’re not? teenager
16. Muffins? no
17. One of your wish list items? puppy
18. Where you grew up? Seattle
19. The last thing you did? ate
20. What are you wearing? pj's
21. Your TV? off
22. Your pets? cat
23. Your computer? new
24. Your life? full
25. Your mood? anxious
26. Missing someone? Yes
27. Your car? Honda
28. Something you’re not wearing? makeup
29 Favorite Store? thrift
30. Your summer? short
31. Like someone? Yes
32. Your favorite color? red
33. When is the last time you laughed? yesterday
34. Last time you cried? yesterday
35. Who will/would re-post this? ?


weigh in Monday!

So I stayed exactly the same this week. How does that work? Is it a ploy on their part? Really---I mean really---exactly the same? You know they have it to the tenth of a pound---so I don't see how it is possible to stay EXACTLY the same. ANyway, I am kinda bummed about that. I don't mind not losing, it's the paying to find out that I didn't lose that bothers me! We are on such a budget, that it is a splurge to go and weigh in. I should at least get me money's worth and lose SOMETHING every week! Okay--enough ranting about that.

Feeling kinda blah today---construction crew packed up all their stuff and left. I should be happy about that, but I'm not. There is still so much left to do and I have no idea when it will get done. Hopefully, we will see the subcontractors really soon for the driveway, plumbing and gutters. That would be nice.

Still no pictures for you. I am in denial and I don't want to take any pictures until the construction mess in the front is gone. I know that makes no sense---but nothing mush makes sense to me anyway!

That's it----


hey there...

how is everyone? A new week and lots on the agenda. Our schedule is pretty crazy this week -

-8 baseball games
-2 soccer games
-school starts back up
-dentist appointments
-sheetrock delivered
-crop at www.scrap-diner.com join me!
-poker game here on Sat night
-birthday party
-2 play practices
-I could go on and on.......but you get the idea

Life is crazy around here right now - so I am looking for any reason to veg out and relax. Sometimes all I get is that hour before a game when the kids are warming up. I have learned the art of relaxing in the car with the sun shining through the glass. I close my eyes and invision myself somewhere warm and tropical! Okay -so it only works for a minute -but I'll take it!

So life on the run for the next 2 months ---and in between we are going to try to work on the house. If I'm not around much you'll forgive me and understand. Right?

Here are a couple more layouts for you:

This one was for an ad challenge - the Viva La Friday challenge over at Scrap-Diner ----here is my ad and my layout: I think you will know what inspired me!



and my final layout with the Basic Grey stuff from the Diner:



Basic Grey Archaic Line

I am loving this paper that Sher sent me from the Diner! It is so much fun and it seems to go with all my boy pictures! Check it out:

into the wild

I am down to just having scraps left! You can find it
here in the store!

Raining here today ---that is a bummer, but all is well! Thanks to everyone who left us their favorite choices on the senior pictures--everyone helped!


It was a 5 box day~

Yep-5 boxes delivered today -3 from UPS and 2 from the mailman. I love to get boxes, I don't even care what is in them. There is just joy in opening a box and getting something. As you get older, you have less and less boxes to open, less Christmas presents and definitely less birthday presents. So, I will take that joy in any form I can get. Today it came in the form of:

1----books from textbooks.com for Jordan's next college quarter
2----a supply order full of adhesive
3&4-2 boxes from Scrapbook.com - this was the last of my $700 gift certificate I won last summer (so sad it's over)
5----(definitely the happiest box) my May DT kit from Dixie Pieces! All I can tell you about it is it is full of fabulous lime green and bright pink!

Yes, it was a fabulous day for boxes. I am now surrounded by plenty of stuff to keep me busy. I can't believe there are only 3 days left of spring break. I didn't get half the layouts done that I wanted to but I am happy with the ones I did get to do! I will post the three at the bottom of this post!

In other news----the construction crew has started to clean up. They are hauling stuff to the dump and finishing off little things here and there. I am waiting to take a picture until all their crap is out of the way and the port a potty is gone. Then I will post. Once they leave--it will be our turn. I can't wait to have it in our hands --- on our time table. Even if it takes all summer--at least we will be back in control. To be honest, though, it has been pretty harmless and if you are ever in need of a good contractor in the Seattle area---try Dunn Construction.

There was a little strife today on one of the scrapbook forums that I am a part of. I am only commenting on this because I love this hobby and it makes me sad to think that there are those that take it way to seriously and lose site of the joy and blessing it truly is. As my friend, Amy, would say, "There are NO scrapbook emergencies". So here's hoping that it will blow over soon and that all involved will find their smiles again and be blessed by this wonderful hobby and all that are involved in it!

Here you go--here are my three layouts completed for the Scrap-Diner so far this month. By the way: They are having another fabulous weeklong crop from April 11-18, Lets Have a Blast-a-Thon! Come on over a join us for some fun challenges & prizes! www.scrap-diner.com .


dirt magnet

cave men


Senior Pics!

Here you go - here are my favorites of the pictures that J had taken last week. I love them all - she thinks some are too "modelish". I tried to tell her that that is okay once in awhile but she doesn't care for some of them because you can tell she has make-up on. That is unlike the "real" her. But, I have to tell you -- all I see is my beautiful daughter - make-up or not.













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