You caught me!

I missed posting last night. But, I have an excuse---not a great one---but an excuse nonetheless! I spent the afternoon babysitiing Naomi and then the early evening working on a Christmas present that I am creating. Usually, I post the blog about 9pm --- but I was over in Bothell with Brooke meeting with a Rep from American Crafts. I got my fix of scrapbook goodies while eating chocolate cookies and looking at all their fab new stuff coming out at CHA Winter. Which by the way is just over a month away! By the time I got home it was 10:30 and time to chat with David who I hadn't seen all day! So---there you go---no post or pictures from yesterday. Oh well---that is truly a snapshot of my day yesterday!

This is not today's post---so, I will be back tonight---with pictures to share and things to chat about. Happy Tuesday.

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