We've got lights!

The lights went up outside today and I am excited how cool they look on the new house! Pictures don't really show anything but you'll get the idea!~

house lights

Chase was excited to get on the roof and help:

chase lights

david lights

Even Luke got in the game:

guyds lights

I spent the rest of the day completely cleaning, purging, and organizing my office. I rearranged everything, upplugged and dusted all the computer stuff and cords, and made it all clean and pretty again! I was having a hard time working in the mess I had going! Now that it is clean, I can mess it up again!

David is off watching the big fight with some friends and playing poker afterwards. Sure hope he does well! He's been working hard and needed a night out and away --- plus he's got Travis with him. I'm always glad when they get to go play together. We didn't do a lot of that when he was growing up because we always had babies and too many other things keeping us busy.

Here are some fun pics from yesterday's cold weather fun!

boys 1 5-7

boys coop 1 5-7

boys & coop 5-7

luke & coop

jordan austin 5-7

coop & austin 5-7

luke 5-7 1luke 5-7 2

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