There's nothing better than a hot fire...

on a cold day. This just makes me happy:

fire small

but this just drives me crazy:

small cooper wood

Cooper thinks that every piece of wood that we bring in is a special treat just for him. I clean up wood slivers all day long and vacuum at least twice a day. The only solution is to leave all the wood outside and make the trip each time. Well--we are much too lazy and it is much too cold for that. So I guess I'll just keep the vacuum handy.

Spent the day today finishing up a couple Christmas Projects. The first one is finished and off to Costco for printing. Now to design the envelopes and package up the gifts. Then I can cross something off my list! Christmas cards are a different story. I am not going to let them stress me out! I am going the easy way this year and getting them from Costco. Pretty pathetic for a scrapbooker, I know. But, I have learned that I can't have everything perfect and that being obsessive compulsive about Christmas will just get me disappointed. So, no handmade cards. There will however be a Christmas letter and a picture. More than we had last year! Now that's an accomplishment.

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