Sunday wrap-up

I just can't wait to start to feel well again! The headaches started to taper off and then the whole back thing happened. Then the cold---then a new back pain. UGH ---- I have decided I am waking up tomorrow feeling better or else! I have way to much crafting to do to have such a miserable back this time of year! I worked on some things today standing up in my office. This could be worth exploring - a standing craft station.

I am feeling accomplished --I did some more Christmas shopping today and only have 3 gift certificates left to purchase! Now that just makes me happy! Tommorrow night I am going to try to go to mom's and bring all the gifts back here so I can start wrapping them up on Tuesday. Getting them all under the tree---now that will make me extremely happy!

We watched the movie "HANCOCK" tonight. Wow--was that ever interesting. Comical --- with a bit too much swearing for me. The boys liked it --even though we were fast forwarding through the majority of the movie! There are so many movies out right now---can't wait to watch some over Christmas Vacation!

Okay---not a lot on the holiday front happening today--we took it pretty easy, dealt with Costco, watched some football and basically hung out all day. However, we did get some fun mail to share with you yesterday:


I know---still pretty tiny and hard to make out---but that is an ultrasound of my first grandchild due in June! Angie & Tom are doing great and the baby is healthy and strong! Such a blessing!

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