Still Wednesday!

It's only 11pm tonight! I was heading off to bed and then I remembered! I like the added pressure of a blog a day---kind of like forced incentive to record my thoughts and such. I think I like the push!

David was home today- still recovering from the crud. He is ready to head back to work tomorrow and shouldn't be contagious any more. I really enjoy having him around, but he wrecks havoc with the schedule! Spent the morning doing school and giving haircuts, the afternoon babysitting Naomi and the evening finishing up my projects! Yep--you heard me right, I have finished up two major projects with 2 weeks to spare! WOOHOO! I love to create and make scrappy gifts --- I just hate that I am a procrastinator! But, all in all, I think I did great and finished a few days ahead of the schedule I gave myself!

Now to plan the Christmas Eve menu tomorrow, make gingerbread houses on Friday night, put up the other tree on Saturday, take family Christmas pictures on Sunday, wrap presents on Tuesday, go to the Christmas concert on Wednesday, address and mail Christmas cards on Thursday, bake on Saturday, drive to see Christmas lights on Sunday, clean my house on Tuesday and have a Christmas Eve Party for 40 on Wednesday! Whew!

Oh, and I forgot----somehow, get the bathroom painted, caulked and decorated by the party too!

So, it was haircut day for the boys -- Christmas pictures coming up and all. I have always cut all the kids hair and David too for that matter. I am the only one who goes and gets it cut my someone else. This has saved me so much money over the years--I can't even imagine! Jordan has started going to a salon--but that is only a couple time a year. Today while the boys were getting their hair cut, Naomi was watching very closely. When they were done--she asked if she could do it. She was so cute, I couldn't resist. She sat in the chair and was so still while I got every knot out. That took almost 30 minutes! She was so patient. I trimmed the fuzzy ends off and evened out her bangs a bit. Then she wanted gel--so we put it in and made her curls tight and beautiful! She was so darn cute afterward. She brought me my camera! So, here you go --- my hair cutting clients for the day!

kids 5-7 copy

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