Really----it's still Tuesday

It's just after midnight on Tuesday---so I know this post will be labeled 12-10 and not 12-9. But, believe me when I tell you---if I haven't been to bed yet, it's still 12-9! It's Tuesday in my mind--at least! I have been a busy girl all day today --- still working on my Christmas Present for my mom. Yes, she reads this and yes, she probably knows what I am doing. After all, I have called her like 5 times today to find out information that I needed. But, I am sure she will still be surprised and happy--even if she has an idea of what I am doing. After all, anticipation will just make the present better! Well, I hope anyway.

Went to the Goodwill today and picked up some fun stuff. The boys got a new Wii controller - (I know, from Goodwill-still in the package!) - I got a vintage video camera - I haven't gotten a chance to play with it or take a picture yet, but I will. Strange thing was, that I was talking with Sher today and she mentioned that she picked up a vintage camcorder yesterday at an antique store and then there it was at Goodwill when I walked in. I can't wait to ask her if they are similar. Totally kismet when it comes to me & her. I love it.

Speaking of Sher, I booked my flight to CHA Winter today and I can't wait to see her. We are going to plan to hit Disneyland this year together. How fun is that?

Okay---it's a short post---but it is a post! I am exhausted and plan on sleeping in tomorrow! Night!

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