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Yep--that's my goal! I really wanted to participate in the December Journal project over at Dixie Pieces but alas I did not have time the last couple of weeks to prepare my journal. But, that is the way of life so, I am doing the next best thing! Thanks Sherry, for the great idea to document December on my blog. Then come January----if I really get ambitious----I can create my December journal! Sounds like a plan!

So here we are on December 2nd. No real Christmas things accomplished today. I did go over my Christmas list and determined that I still have 12 things to buy---but I know exactly where they are and have plans to finish them up this weekend.

SPent the day at the homeschool resource center - funny story there. We have been members of the resource center for 12 years, from the very beginning. Well, over the years, things have changed as more and more families have come. I understand the need for all the paperwork but man. Today, I was called into the office and reprimanded! Turns out that I didn't update our learning plan during the month of November and as of December 1st---they considered me on probation! Now I have to fill out daily schedules for each kid for a month! I haven't missed a deadline in 12 years and the first time I do---Bam! It was actually quite comical! I understand with 500 families and the state breathing down their necks for accountability - they can't make exceptions.

I'm keeping my humor about it - what's really funny is that we hardly do any school in December, so those schedules that I have to do---will be very fabricated! Did I just say that outloud? lol ---oh well.

Sunday night we had a pizza dinner for Austin's birthday. Sarah & Mike weren't able to make it so we didn't do official family pics --- but we kinda had a dry run. I was still pretty sick and running a fever, so I basically just took some random shots of the kids. Looking back at them, I see how bad the composition was---all white against a white wall. But, no big deal-they are still pretty comical! Make for a good laugh in the future.


pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

pic 5

pic 6

pic 7

Actually some pretty cute pics----all a little goofy!

See you tomorrow!

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