Merry Christmas

Christmas Day is always so anti-climatic for me. I love the build-up, the preparations, and the excitement and company of the Christmas Eve event. Don't get me wrong--I love spending the day with my family, lounging around and enjoying each other and our new toys. But, there is just something about having all that time and anticipation come down to just a few hours and then it's over. Maybe it's the OCD side of me --- because I just hate all the mess that I'm left with after all the fun is over. Right now, there isn't a clean spot in my house. The same dishes are in the sink that were there last night and the boxes of wrapping and bows are all over the house. There are toys strewn all over and it looks like a cyclone hit. I know I could clean it---but I can't ask anyone to help - after all it's Christmas - and I am much too lazy to do it all by myself! LOL

But, wait-----I have a solution. I will just not care. After all, every one of my kids is happy and healthy and having a great Christmas. We have laughed and shared and showed each other more attention in the last 24 hours than we have in the last month! We all know why we are here- why we give gifts - why we have salvation, grace and hope. What could a little chaos do to us? Maybe it will even draw us closer. After all---they will all be working their butts off tomorrow cleaning my house!

Here are some Christmas pics for you:

Santa Ed was stuck in his home town with too much snow and ice to get to the party--so Santa Jim filled in. The kids were a little suspicious, but it was a fun time!

santa jim

jordan santa

chase santa

austin santa

luke santa

travis santa

michelle santa

austin david

This is a great pic of my mom!


Auntie Joyce & Chris:

christ joyce

the Christmas Stockings:


the campout under the tree - tradition - couldn't get everyone in the pic---but everyone is snuggled in a cozy spot.


Travis -

travis sleeping

Jordan (hiding) -

jordan sleeping

Austin -


Chase -

chase sleeping

Luke -

luke sleeping

My pic of Sarah and Mike didn't turn out - :(

But, I have some fun pics of looking through the stockings:


the rite of passage - a boys first razor -

austin razor



One of my favorite shots - all my boys with guns - of course!

nerf 5-7

Frodo spent the night with us too!


back to the grind tomorrow---I am so behind in my design work and I am just itching to get back to my scrapping table. Mom bought me a new sewing machine and the kids bought me a WiiFit. So - back to exercising and scrapping first thing tomorrow!

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