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I am posting at 6:00! It is so cold here and the fire is so nice and toasty, I just have a feeling that I will be going to bed soon or at least dosing off soon! SO, I think posting before I fall asleep is necessary!

Started off this morning tree hunting for another tree for the family room. Love that we have one artificial and one cut tree. Adds a little Christmas scent to the room! I have forgotten how expensive they are though! $49 for a 7 foot noble at Home Depot! WOW! You would think that they would be cheaper than that. But, we got it up and decorated and that makes me happy! You know what was really cool? It started to snow a bit while we were tree shopping. Nothing big--just a few flakes, but it was really fun and really made it feel like Christmas.

Whenever it snows near Jordan's birthday, I am reminded of the year she was born. SHe was due on the 17th, but came 3 days early on the 14th. We arrived home on the 16th and the snow started to fall within hours of our arrival. By the 17th (her original duedate), we had 10 inches and no power! It was so cold! I remember laying in bed under all the covers with my ski coat on -- and the thought of nursing her was almost unbearable! My mom lived across the street and had a fire going and was more prepared for the weather than we were. David started walking us over one at a time---it was 5am and the road was a sheet of ice. By the time he came back for me and the baby, the power kicked on! It only took him about 30 minutes to go back for hte other kids--one at a time again!

tree 1 4-6

tree 5-7 2


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