A Little Sheepish

Yes, I missed another day--and I am a little embarrassed about the other day when I was ranting about weather forcasters. The snow finally arrived. It came down most of the day yesterday - even though we only ended up with a few inches. About 30 minutes north of us, I am hearing that they gor 20 some inches! WOW! Now that would be fun - well at least for a while. The few inches we got are still here and the temps have dropped to frigid again. Something like 20 degrees right now. Travis & Michelle just showed up and they are on the hill behind our house with about 30 other neighborhood kids. I am sitting at home with the fire, fighting a nasty cold and my normal back ache---praying that they all will be safe. I want them to have fun--but they need to stay safe!

I am going to give you my 5 senses post today---I have been wanting too for a while now.

I see...a beautiful fire in the fireplace.

I smell...a crockpot full of beef stew.

I hear...Cooper whining to be let outside to play with his boys.

I taste...gingerbread cookie dough.

I feel...frozen toes.

Back with pictures later~!

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