Layouts - FINALLY

SO--I finally got a chance to scrap a little -- this one is for the challenge over at the Diner to REMINISCE and create a layout from any one of the great challenges issued throughout 2008! There were so many great ones to choose from --but my favorite is to scrap black and white and one other color -

photo shoot 08

I did these two first to get my mojo flowing---after all, it has been hibernating for awhile now!

snow dog

celebrate love

so 2 weekes ago, it started snowing. We were so excited and we prayed hard for enough to play in. Well, yesterday all 12 of our inches of snow started to melt and then the temp dropped again. And now it's snowing again. What a mess we have. What was previously compact snow and ice and farily easy to manuever in is now 12 inches of hard slush with huge tracks and divets in it. It's no longer smooth and easy to drive in. I went out today and was all over the place. Now it's 28 and snowing and we are going to have fresh snow on top of huge mini mountains and valleys in all the streets. UGH---we may truly be stuck now.

Needless to say, we are now praying for 40 degrees and rain.

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