Frigid Temperatures

Woke up this morning and walked into the living room to this:

small fire

Austin had gotten up early and had cereal and then laid by the fire to read. Within minutes he was sound asleep and then Chase joined him. Not to much later, I heard Luke get up. I knew that I had heard all three of them, so I crawled out of bed. Found them sound asleep - not even the dog was interested in moving! It was so cold outside. It was 22 degrees and I don't think it got much warmer all day. They are forcasting a big storm on Wednesday. I hope by storm, they mean snow and not just frigid wind!

We managed to get a few school items done today as well as the boys' Christmas Cards. I even got my photo cards ordered from Costco--so there will be Christmas cards arriving after all! Travis came over and I helped him get his unemployment going. Can you believe they made us wait on hold for over an hour before anyone picked up the phone to help us! It was amazing! We were able to have a good conversation while we waited and I even watched a few skate videos with him. We seem to have an easier time talking these days. I hope he doesn't have to wait to long for work to pick back up --that unemployment check isn't going to go far.

David took me into Seattle tonight to the art store to pick up some glass etching cream. I can't wait to play with the Silhouette vinyl and use it as a template to do some glass etching. We did a few small things tonight. Austin picked up some glasses for 69 cents at Goodwill last week. We used the cream to etch his friends' names in them. He is going to fill them with candy and a picture magnet for Christmas presents. They turned out pretty good---but we learned that we need more cream and that we need to leave it on longer. Small learning curve.

glass example

Lots of potential!

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