Friday Fun

Spent the morning playing with my Silhouette Cutting System. I have had the vinyl to make wall art for about a year now and was always afraid of it or just never had the time to actually figure it out. It took me an hour and 3 tries, but I figured it out this morning and made this:

wall art

It's really cool and looks better in real life with out the flash shining on it. Now I have lots of ideas in my head! Can't wait to play more!

Lost track of time and before I knew it -- it was time to take Luke to the dentist. When I went outside, I realized I had no car! Thankfully, mom came to the rescue and took us all to the dentist. We spent about an hour at Goodwill after that and found some fun stuff. We got some great deals on tennis shoes, a cool picture and frame, some winter hats -- and other misc stuff! I love that place.

Today was the day to make our Gingerbread houses. It started out with a lot of grumpiness. Normally a great activity --- but since we got cable tv a few days again, it has been the only thing on the kid's minds. They were in a big hurry today to finish their houses until I slowed them down. After a few minutes, they got in the spirit and ended up having fun after all.



house flickr 2

house flickr1

Turned out really cute, I think! David was still under the weather, so him and the cat got cozy on the big chair and took a little cat nap.

flicr david

And Cooper, well Cooper is just Cooper, hanging out waiting to play!


After that, we spent like 3 hours wrapping presents! It seemed to take forever! But they look cool under the tree!

tree flickr

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