I did my grocery shopping. I used to love to grocery shop--now I dread it. Just seems like a waste of constructive time! However, I did spend $111 and save $134! You gotta love saving over 50% on your groceries! I even think that I ended up getting 4 boxes of Cocoa Puffs for a (-$1.50)---yes, they gave me $1.50 to take 4 boxes of Cocoa Puffs! In addition, they had buy 3 boxes of Chex Cereal for $7.00 and get 4 liters of Coke Products free. hmmm--no brainer. Need pop for the punch on Christmas Eve and we love Chex! Lots of other great bargains too!

Started planning the Christmas Eve buffet --going with cold cuts and croissants and tons of salads and appetizers. We will be grazing all night!

We also brought all the presents home from Grandma's house - so we are one step closer to getting them wrapped and under the tree! Found my kraft paper wrapping paper at the dollar store today and I am a happy camper! During my errand run today, I stopped at Pier 1 Imports and picked up some really cute distressed wood ornaments for my tree. They came in sets of 6 shapes on sale for $4.00! Love them. I also bought these:
Now, it is suppose to be a napkin ring ---but I put them on my door knobs. Love to here the jingle bells when the door opens! I also got the coolest placemat. It is thick red felt and in a shape like a snowflake almost. But, it so reminded me of a scrapbook accessory! So after using it on my table at Christmas, I am going to scrap it! It was only $1.50! A die cut shape like that in that thick felt would be $4.00 in a scrapbook store! Anyway --I totally love it.
So, let's see---my errands took me to Pier 1 - the dollar store - the grocery store - the scrapbook store (to visit Brooke) - and Fred Meyer for stocking stuffers. Which, by the way, get more expensive every year!
I am exhausted--need a good night's sleep, so I am heading to bed right now!

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