December 3rd

So far so good----a post a day.

We heard from Tom & Angie yesterday - she had another ultrasound yesterday and baby and mom are doing great! Looks like I'll be a grandma sometime in June! Bought the baby a little gift last weekend---just something I saw that reminded me of when my kids were little. Can't share it with you or it wouldn't be a surprise for Tom & Angie!

Spent an hour yesterday stacking wood---sure sign of winter at our house. Actually, last year we went the whole year without our fireplace due to the construction and used the furnace the whole time. Wow--did that get expensive. Well, this year, we have had the gas fireplace in the family room on non-stop and we just got our first gas bill. It was double what we paid last year and that was using the furnace! Needless to say, we went in search of firewood! A friend of David's from work gave us all this---already cut and dry!

IMG_5512 002

Isn't that beautiful? I have had the fire blazing all day and I am warm and toasty. So thankful today for nice people and hot fires!

Saw the cutest pic yesterday of a friend's kitty in a Santa hat. So, I thought, "hmmm, I have a santa hat and a kitty, I will give it a shot". All I got was one grumpy cat!

cat hat

But, I do have a willing pooch!

cooper hat

And two willing kids!

chase & luke hats

Are they cute or what? In addition, I scrapped a bit last night. Had this great paper from Basic Grey and I couldn't decide what pics to use - since all three sets matched so well. So, I did 3 layouts! I stretched those 6 pieces of paper as far as I could and still have a bit left for a few cards. Should be able to share those tomorrow!

my distracation

cat nap

one lucky dog

all i want for christmas

Happy Wednesday!

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