Back on Track

Yep---hopefully the worst of my crud is behind me and I gain control of things again!

First---I have to tell you that it's snowing again! The prediction for the night is 6 more inches and snow is in the forcast almost to the new year. I can't remember the last time we had real snow for this long. I am almost feeling bad that I prayed so hard for it! But, we are really going to love it while we can and make the most of it. It would be so cool to wake up tomorrow morning with 10 inches of snow.

Here are some fun snow pics from the last few days. You will notice that most are posed shots as it is wayyyyyyyyyyyy to cold for me to get dressed and head to the sledding hill or go out to where the snowmen are. Pretty lame, huh? But 10 degrees is just a little below my comfort zone.

boys laughing

snow boys

This one cracks me up ---the dog was laying behind the boys and I didn't see him---when I called him, he sat up and looked right at the camera~! Too bad it's not a better shot.

dog boys

cooper 5-7

luke 1 4-6luke 2 4-6

Cooper has a bad habit of running after the kids and trying to get on the boards. He even nips at them to get them to stop. He used to actually ride on the boards, but he weighs a bit too much now!

coop on the board

We actually got a bit of things accomplished today---

---got another load of firewood
---watched Austin perform at the mall with his band
---did a bit of shopping
---made carmel corn
---touched up the paint and got hte moulding down around the fireplace
---and made Mexican Tortilla soup for the Christmas party tonight!

All in all---a much better day. The cold is getting under control and we are headed to 2 neighborhood Christmas Parties tonight. One is a family dinner party and then one is an adults only party. Actually looking forward to them!

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