Layouts - FINALLY

SO--I finally got a chance to scrap a little -- this one is for the challenge over at the Diner to REMINISCE and create a layout from any one of the great challenges issued throughout 2008! There were so many great ones to choose from --but my favorite is to scrap black and white and one other color -

photo shoot 08

I did these two first to get my mojo flowing---after all, it has been hibernating for awhile now!

snow dog

celebrate love

so 2 weekes ago, it started snowing. We were so excited and we prayed hard for enough to play in. Well, yesterday all 12 of our inches of snow started to melt and then the temp dropped again. And now it's snowing again. What a mess we have. What was previously compact snow and ice and farily easy to manuever in is now 12 inches of hard slush with huge tracks and divets in it. It's no longer smooth and easy to drive in. I went out today and was all over the place. Now it's 28 and snowing and we are going to have fresh snow on top of huge mini mountains and valleys in all the streets. UGH---we may truly be stuck now.

Needless to say, we are now praying for 40 degrees and rain.


Merry Christmas

Christmas Day is always so anti-climatic for me. I love the build-up, the preparations, and the excitement and company of the Christmas Eve event. Don't get me wrong--I love spending the day with my family, lounging around and enjoying each other and our new toys. But, there is just something about having all that time and anticipation come down to just a few hours and then it's over. Maybe it's the OCD side of me --- because I just hate all the mess that I'm left with after all the fun is over. Right now, there isn't a clean spot in my house. The same dishes are in the sink that were there last night and the boxes of wrapping and bows are all over the house. There are toys strewn all over and it looks like a cyclone hit. I know I could clean it---but I can't ask anyone to help - after all it's Christmas - and I am much too lazy to do it all by myself! LOL

But, wait-----I have a solution. I will just not care. After all, every one of my kids is happy and healthy and having a great Christmas. We have laughed and shared and showed each other more attention in the last 24 hours than we have in the last month! We all know why we are here- why we give gifts - why we have salvation, grace and hope. What could a little chaos do to us? Maybe it will even draw us closer. After all---they will all be working their butts off tomorrow cleaning my house!

Here are some Christmas pics for you:

Santa Ed was stuck in his home town with too much snow and ice to get to the party--so Santa Jim filled in. The kids were a little suspicious, but it was a fun time!

santa jim

jordan santa

chase santa

austin santa

luke santa

travis santa

michelle santa

austin david

This is a great pic of my mom!


Auntie Joyce & Chris:

christ joyce

the Christmas Stockings:


the campout under the tree - tradition - couldn't get everyone in the pic---but everyone is snuggled in a cozy spot.


Travis -

travis sleeping

Jordan (hiding) -

jordan sleeping

Austin -


Chase -

chase sleeping

Luke -

luke sleeping

My pic of Sarah and Mike didn't turn out - :(

But, I have some fun pics of looking through the stockings:


the rite of passage - a boys first razor -

austin razor



One of my favorite shots - all my boys with guns - of course!

nerf 5-7

Frodo spent the night with us too!


back to the grind tomorrow---I am so behind in my design work and I am just itching to get back to my scrapping table. Mom bought me a new sewing machine and the kids bought me a WiiFit. So - back to exercising and scrapping first thing tomorrow!


Snowy Sunday

Woke up to more fresh snow this morning---biggest snow fall in WA in over 10 years. As of this morning we had 7 inches but it has been snowing all day and we are in for 3 more inches tonight. Looks like we will be having that white Christmas after all.

Woke up to this this morning ---

love bench

Isn't that romantic? I love the little things like that. They make me smile.

and these:


Fantastic frozen spider webs all over the deck. Absolutely gorgeous!

Lots of snow fun today too---not too much ledding but lots of fort building and snowball fights!

chase brennan

austin max

I love this pic of the house during the heavy snow fall:

house in the snow

Pic of Jordan & Jesse ready to go to the winter ball at church:



Back on Track

Yep---hopefully the worst of my crud is behind me and I gain control of things again!

First---I have to tell you that it's snowing again! The prediction for the night is 6 more inches and snow is in the forcast almost to the new year. I can't remember the last time we had real snow for this long. I am almost feeling bad that I prayed so hard for it! But, we are really going to love it while we can and make the most of it. It would be so cool to wake up tomorrow morning with 10 inches of snow.

Here are some fun snow pics from the last few days. You will notice that most are posed shots as it is wayyyyyyyyyyyy to cold for me to get dressed and head to the sledding hill or go out to where the snowmen are. Pretty lame, huh? But 10 degrees is just a little below my comfort zone.

boys laughing

snow boys

This one cracks me up ---the dog was laying behind the boys and I didn't see him---when I called him, he sat up and looked right at the camera~! Too bad it's not a better shot.

dog boys

cooper 5-7

luke 1 4-6luke 2 4-6

Cooper has a bad habit of running after the kids and trying to get on the boards. He even nips at them to get them to stop. He used to actually ride on the boards, but he weighs a bit too much now!

coop on the board

We actually got a bit of things accomplished today---

---got another load of firewood
---watched Austin perform at the mall with his band
---did a bit of shopping
---made carmel corn
---touched up the paint and got hte moulding down around the fireplace
---and made Mexican Tortilla soup for the Christmas party tonight!

All in all---a much better day. The cold is getting under control and we are headed to 2 neighborhood Christmas Parties tonight. One is a family dinner party and then one is an adults only party. Actually looking forward to them!


A Little Sheepish

Yes, I missed another day--and I am a little embarrassed about the other day when I was ranting about weather forcasters. The snow finally arrived. It came down most of the day yesterday - even though we only ended up with a few inches. About 30 minutes north of us, I am hearing that they gor 20 some inches! WOW! Now that would be fun - well at least for a while. The few inches we got are still here and the temps have dropped to frigid again. Something like 20 degrees right now. Travis & Michelle just showed up and they are on the hill behind our house with about 30 other neighborhood kids. I am sitting at home with the fire, fighting a nasty cold and my normal back ache---praying that they all will be safe. I want them to have fun--but they need to stay safe!

I am going to give you my 5 senses post today---I have been wanting too for a while now.

I see...a beautiful fire in the fireplace.

I smell...a crockpot full of beef stew.

I hear...Cooper whining to be let outside to play with his boys.

I taste...gingerbread cookie dough.

I feel...frozen toes.

Back with pictures later~!


Pet Peeve

Can I just go on record and say that I think weather predictions are a farce and that forcasters shouldn't get paid if their forcasts are so wrong! We were told that we would get up to 6 inches of snow today ---- we got maybe an hours worth and at the most an inch. They even cancelled school today on the word of those forcasters and it didn't snow a flake until 4pm and then barely anything. I know that other areas got him harder--but really??? All they do is get our hopes up and then nothing! I understand that it is a tough science - but how can they always be so wrong?

The crud is making its way through the house again. I can't believe that I have another head cold. My throat is sore and my ears are clogging. TIme to get back on the nightly benadryl and the daytime Claritan. I have a feeling that this is going to be a long winter.

Braved the snow--haha--and headed up to church for my favorite Christmas activity, the 3 Wisemen Concert. They were fabulous as usual and it was great to get out and interact a bit and be reminded of God's Grace. That was what I really needed. To be reminded that no matter what I do or don't do, I am loved and saved by faith. That is the most powerful message for me. It isn't by my actions that I am saved---only by my belief and faith in God. I love that. It was wonderful to be reminded tonight. Of course, the concert was great and the kids had a wonderful time too.

If you've never heard them--

They are a mixture of fabulous music, impressions, comedy and scripture! If you ever get a chance to see them -- go!

Got my Christmas cards done today! Yeah---Costco photo cards and a Christmas letter coming your way soon!

Bad-bad blogger

Yep---I missed the whole day yesterday. SPent a few hours playing Pictionary with the kids and then forgot to blog! SO---this is just a confession entry---I'll be back later with more snow pics and news.


Frigid Temperatures

Woke up this morning and walked into the living room to this:

small fire

Austin had gotten up early and had cereal and then laid by the fire to read. Within minutes he was sound asleep and then Chase joined him. Not to much later, I heard Luke get up. I knew that I had heard all three of them, so I crawled out of bed. Found them sound asleep - not even the dog was interested in moving! It was so cold outside. It was 22 degrees and I don't think it got much warmer all day. They are forcasting a big storm on Wednesday. I hope by storm, they mean snow and not just frigid wind!

We managed to get a few school items done today as well as the boys' Christmas Cards. I even got my photo cards ordered from Costco--so there will be Christmas cards arriving after all! Travis came over and I helped him get his unemployment going. Can you believe they made us wait on hold for over an hour before anyone picked up the phone to help us! It was amazing! We were able to have a good conversation while we waited and I even watched a few skate videos with him. We seem to have an easier time talking these days. I hope he doesn't have to wait to long for work to pick back up --that unemployment check isn't going to go far.

David took me into Seattle tonight to the art store to pick up some glass etching cream. I can't wait to play with the Silhouette vinyl and use it as a template to do some glass etching. We did a few small things tonight. Austin picked up some glasses for 69 cents at Goodwill last week. We used the cream to etch his friends' names in them. He is going to fill them with candy and a picture magnet for Christmas presents. They turned out pretty good---but we learned that we need more cream and that we need to leave it on longer. Small learning curve.

glass example

Lots of potential!


Happy Birthday Baby -

Jordan turns 18 today---wow. Typical mom's reaction. I can't believe it was 18 years ago. LOL - David was saving grace at dinner tonight and he kept going on about her growing up and being a women---totally corny. But really strange because she has always seemed "Grown up". She is responsible and usually so on top of life and what she needs to do that she puts to shame most adults.

We love you, baby---you were, are and always will be my baby girl.

2small hair 2

Had a good dinner of bacon cheeseburgers and milk shakes per Jordan's request. Sarah & Mike didn't make it over because of the icy roads. Don't know what i"m going to do for a family Christmas photo - so be prepared to not get a christmas card from us this year! May just be too much to worry about!

Woke up to a light dusting of snow, icy roads, and lots of excitement. We were suppose to get 2 more inches today but we didn't. It is really cold - high 20's and we are going through our firewood like crazy! But, the boys got to play and enjoy it!

small snow pic 2

small snow pic

small snow pic 3

small boys

small austinsmall chase snow

small snow lukesmall david snow

small coop

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