Woke up to too much testosterone in the house -- Austin had his birthday sleepover last night and miraculously, I got a great night of sleep. Thanks to my ear plugs! This was the scene this morning in the recroom:


They are outside already this morning having an airsoft battle --- 7 boys weilding guns--what could be more American? I remember back when Travis was born - I was determined that there would be no guns in the house---referring to toy guns. I knew it was a lost cause when Travis would eat his P & J sandwich into the shape of a gun and do the "bang, bang" thing. It truly was a battle I was doomed to lose - come on, with 5 boys in the house, it was inevitable. So here I am, 20 years later, and all my boys own guns - they all know how to use them and they have all been drilled over and over on gun safety.

Like I said--a house full of Testosterone!

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