It's finally over...

the Presidential Election, that is. My political views are my own and yours are yours--so I will not go it to specifics. But, I can honestly tell you that no matter what the outcome was, I am truly thankful that it's over. My prayer is that the country can settle down and that our leaders can all start working together to fix the issues that have us all worried and scared. McCain's consession speech and Obama's acceptance speech gave me hope and comfort. Neither candidate fully represented what I would have wanted to see in our next leader ---- but I can tell you that I was proud to be an American while listening to both speeches. Both were humble and spoke of the need to unite to solve our problems. Now it is our time to step up-regardless of which camp we were in-to support our country and our leaders as the Bible calls us to do. The Lord has His hand in everything and there is a purpose --- let's say Yes to the Lord - and follow the words of these 2 men and work together.

Getting off my soapbopx now.

Here are a couple layouts and a pic for you today:

1. a cute pic of Travis & Michelle --thanks for sending it to me!


2. Layout from the November sketch over at Your Memories By Design:

keeping cool

3. Layout from a lift of KimberlyKay - the Pink Lady of the Month - over at the Scrap-Diner.

naughty of nice

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