Woke up to too much testosterone in the house -- Austin had his birthday sleepover last night and miraculously, I got a great night of sleep. Thanks to my ear plugs! This was the scene this morning in the recroom:


They are outside already this morning having an airsoft battle --- 7 boys weilding guns--what could be more American? I remember back when Travis was born - I was determined that there would be no guns in the house---referring to toy guns. I knew it was a lost cause when Travis would eat his P & J sandwich into the shape of a gun and do the "bang, bang" thing. It truly was a battle I was doomed to lose - come on, with 5 boys in the house, it was inevitable. So here I am, 20 years later, and all my boys own guns - they all know how to use them and they have all been drilled over and over on gun safety.

Like I said--a house full of Testosterone!


Scrappin Mojo

Ahh--it'a wonderful thing! Mojo, that is!

Here are a couple layouts for the Scrap-Diner!

family of friends (2)

study time



Wonderful Wednesday

Yes, it's been a good day! I love Wednesday's --- a day at home to catch up on paperwork--scrapbooking--school and laundry. Working on those things just makes me happy. Strange huh? Well--I definitely am. Strange, that is. But, it makes me feel good to be on top of things. Unlike last week, when I felt completely out of control the whole time. Hated that.

So today, I was able to make a mental list for Thanksgiving dinner --thank goodness for my mom who will be here to help me. I really think that I have only cooked a Thanksgiving dinner on my own once in 22 years of marriage! I think I better get over that! I am trying to think of something fun to do that day--to start of a new tradition or something. Any fun ideas out there?

Other than that---life has slowed way down--only one child in sports and that is Austin and soccer. Games are over till February so just practices a few times a week. So much easier than 2-3 practices a night every night of the week. Almost feels like vacation!

I was able to get some scrapping done today - mostly for the Urban Scrapbooker. Here you go:

autumn days copy

my blessings from santa

K & Co card 1k & Co card 5
K & Co card 3K & Co card 4
K & Co card 2k & Co card 6

Also finished my December Dixie Pieces Kit---so look for that reveal on December 1st! Great kit as always.

For those of you wanting to contribute cards to the Troops for Heroes --you still have a week to get them to me!


9 Days

yep---it's been 9 days since I posted. Really it's been much longer since I really had a moment to sit down and reflect on life! so more or less a couple weeks since I updated everyone and blogged a bit. Sometimes--life just gets in the way. Sometimes it's a good thing. Sometimes we are so busy experiencing life that we slack off on other areas that need us. I'm afraid that's me. The last couple weeks have been crazy, busy, fun and productive all at the same time.

David had the week off and it was planned that we would finish up Jordan's room and make her life livable again. After all, it's been 10 months since she started living in a construction zone and since we don't see it on a daily basis---it sort of took the back burner for awhile. I really wanted to work on my scrap room this week--but I am happy to say that we didn't--we focused on Jordan's room and it's done! We tore the carpet up---taped and finished the sheetrock---painted (3 different colors)---installed new flooring---installed all new trim---and cleaned everything! She is currently in the process of putting it all back together! She is even purging and if you know anything about my dear daughter--that is BIG for her! David worked his butt off this week and never stopped. He was like the Energizer Bunny. Man do I love him for that.

So we took out the carpet and installed flooring in hopes that that might help Jordan with her allergies! I am praying that that helps!

For me this week has been all about keeping on top of the mess---I love to remodel--well, I love a remodeled house. I don't love the mess. With Jordan misplaced, this week was all about containing her stuff that was in every room in the house! All in all---it went really well! But, I'm sure she is happy to be back in her room. In addition, I had major computer problems that we have been working on for over 2 weeks. I think we have it under control now, but the two of us probably logged over 40 hours trying to repair the desktop. Ugh---what a waste of time. But, we can't be without it. It is our life. That certainly put me behind in all my jobs and I finally feel like I may be catching up!

I worked a few hours last week at the scrapbook store and did manage to attend the scrapbook convention in Bellevue for a few hours. I am trying to get back on top of my scrapping and I am hoping to scrap tomorrow if I can find my mojo! Time to pull out some magazines and browse through some galleries tonight, so I can wake up ready to scrap! I am posting a few layouts today that I have had done for over 10 days! With the computer problem I was unable to get them uploaded until today.

SO, a funny story--or a horrific story depending on how you look at it. So at the convention on Friday, I ran into some friends who had just taken a Canon class. We were chatting about what they learned and one of them asked how to shoot in RAW format on her camera. So--thinking I was going to help her out--I started checking out her camera to find the way to change her format. Well---I'm still not sure what I did--but I ended up formating her card which----yep, you guessed it----deleted all 500+ pictures on her card. I was horrified. Started sweating and practically crying. She was very gracious and said not to worry--that she had most of them already uploaded to Costco.com. She totally let me off the hook. I know it was too late to fix it--but she was so great about it. Love you-Patty!

WOw--I keep thinking of things to tell you about! Must be the 14 days of life that have happened since I last blogged! Chase turned 12 last Sunday and had his birthday sleepover that weekend. Here are a few pictures for you:

The boys getting ready to have an airsoft war at 11pm!
airsofting 5-7

His requested Brownie Cake:
chase 12

The RecRoom full of boys playing video games at midnight:
birthday chaos

Chase recovering from exhaustion the next afternoon:
chase asleep post bday

He had a great time! I slept with earplugs in so that I couldn't hear them after 1am! I think they finally fell asleep about 3 and they woke up at 6:30! oh, to be young again!

A few other fun pics from the last couple of weeks:

Luke-sound asleep with Cooper:
e cooper asleep 5-7 copy

A self-portrait of me & Luke:
IMG_4757 099

A goofy Luke face:
spooky luke

My BIG dog:
IMG_4739 081

Okay--so a few layouts and misc. stuff for you:

smart dog

little poser

fall guy

home is where my boys are

birthday card 3birthday card
birthday card 4jungle love card

Are you still with me? That was a long post! I need to try to get more on top of life! We got tons done this weeke but not without letting a few other things slide. There has to be a better balance. I need to find a way to be productive, relax, teach school and be a happy wife, mom and friend all at the same time! Those things don't go hand in hand for me----any one know any tricks?


7 Course Crop over at the Diner!

It's that time of year again---and the crop started today with Course #1! Head on over to the Diner and check it out! http://www.scrap-diner.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=9

Course #1 is all about homemade Christmas Ornaments!

Here are some Luke and I made this year!

ornaments 2
ornaments 1
ornaments 3


It's finally over...

the Presidential Election, that is. My political views are my own and yours are yours--so I will not go it to specifics. But, I can honestly tell you that no matter what the outcome was, I am truly thankful that it's over. My prayer is that the country can settle down and that our leaders can all start working together to fix the issues that have us all worried and scared. McCain's consession speech and Obama's acceptance speech gave me hope and comfort. Neither candidate fully represented what I would have wanted to see in our next leader ---- but I can tell you that I was proud to be an American while listening to both speeches. Both were humble and spoke of the need to unite to solve our problems. Now it is our time to step up-regardless of which camp we were in-to support our country and our leaders as the Bible calls us to do. The Lord has His hand in everything and there is a purpose --- let's say Yes to the Lord - and follow the words of these 2 men and work together.

Getting off my soapbopx now.

Here are a couple layouts and a pic for you today:

1. a cute pic of Travis & Michelle --thanks for sending it to me!


2. Layout from the November sketch over at Your Memories By Design:

keeping cool

3. Layout from a lift of KimberlyKay - the Pink Lady of the Month - over at the Scrap-Diner.

naughty of nice


Promised pics!

For Halloween--the boys decided to be secret service men with Luke as the President that they were protecting. They worked on their own costumes and were looking good!

boys halloween

boys reg 5-7

boys 5-7 effect


mr president 5-7

Cousin Christina - who came to trick or treat with the boys:

christina 5-7

And Camo-dog --- this only lasted about aminute -- he was not happy!

cooper jacket 5-7


Fun Weekend~

So, it was a great weekend --- mostly headache free --- and I got to spend some quality time with David which makes me a happy girl. Halloween was uneventful--always a good thing. Have some great pics of the boys to share but haven't had time to upload them yet. Spend Saturday at soccer games ---Austin won his but Jordan & Luke lost theirs --the season is over. I am happy and sad all at the same time. I'm sure you can understand!

Wanted to share with you a digital layout that I worked on this weekend----I am having tons of fun exploring this side of scrapbooking and being able to work with the fabulous kits designed by Krista over at Dixie Pieces makes it even better! Check out this month's kit:


You get all that wonderful stuff for only $6.99! Exceptional Deal!
Here are a couple layouts I have completed with it:

luke - fall leaves


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