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David is in Arizona for a few days for work and I was a little bummed out last nite. I had a conflict - wanted to be in two places at the same time - both to watch the boys. I made a decision and went to watch Chase's baseball game and to see him pitch. I sent Jordan to church to watch Austin and his band play their first "gig" at Coffee Nite. Coffee Nite is an event the youth group has once in a while where anyone who wants to can go up on stage and sing. We have a lot of young raw talent at our church and it is such a blessing to see them give it up to the Lord unashamed. You can imagine how bummed I was that I was going to miss him play. After all, our family is known for being musically challenged and he is stepping out of the box and putting himself out there.

So, I'm sitting at the baseball game and it is pouring down rain--and they aren't going to call the game. I am sitting in the car trying to dry off and thinking---I should just pull Chase out of the game and go to church. But I can't. So, I start to pray---okay Lord-give me peace. Then I get a call from Jordan--Austin's band is going to play last to give me a chance to get there. They are slated to play at 7:55. Well, that's all fine and good - but it's 7:15 and we are only in the 3rd inning. Then to my horror-my car shuts off -my battery is dead. Thankfully, I am able to get another parent to help me out and jump the car-by then we were having a torrential rain storm. As soon as the car was running again---the game get's cancelled. Praise the LORD! However, it's now 7:45 and my chances of making it in time are slim. So we head out and just in case we head to church. We get there at 8:05 and Austin is sitting outside - and all I can think is how sorry I feel that I didn't make it. He comes running up to the car and says--we're on next!

Yeah! I got to hear them. I was so proud of him and his buddies. Most of the boys in the bad are Pastor's kids and are used to preaching on streetcorners and putting themselves in front of others. Mine isn't. But, he was strong up there! Totally amazing. They even wrote both the songs they played! Now-don't get me wrong--you could tell that they were just starting out--but they rocked! Gotta love it. - They are only 13!


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Valerie Chmielak said...

How AWESOME Kim!! LOVE when God sets things up to work out just right!

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