Another mini album I made this weekend...

Here is the Chicago Mini Album I made this weekend.....

chicago mix 1
chicago mix 2
chicago mix 3


Pumpkin Carving and other news!

Spent the weekend with the girls scrapping at a retreat camp over in Belfair. It was a fun time - especially getting to visit with Tami--who I hardly get to see anymore! Funny how things get right back in sync and it feels like we are neighbors who see each other all the time. Love that.

crop 8-12

I was out of sorts most of the weekend though--this stupid headache is still making me crazy. I went to the doc again on Monday and the new thought is that it is my right trap muscle in my shoulder that it pinching off some nerves in my neck. To make that right -I now have a ten visit prescription to a massage therapist - that I am looking forward to! In addition, I went in for a CT scan of my brain---that just sounds weird---today. I should get the results tomorrow. She doesn't expect to find anything but it is still nerve racking waiting. I am so ready for it to go away. I have so many things I want to do and for the most part--I can't spend much time on the computer or scrapping at my desk. Anytime Lord--I'm ready.

Over the weekend---lots happened!

--Jordan played Friday night in their last game and won 2-0. The shutout puts her at the top of her conference for shut-out percentage. Their team is headed to the playoffs this weekend--still waiting to hear the details of when & where the game is.
--Chase played on Saturday in his final game and hurt his ankle during. He is healing nicely and we are thankful there is no cast in his future!
--Austin Played over in Gig Harbor and also had a shutout--his team is solidly in first place and he is doing amazing in goal.
--Jordan got her hair cut --- 10 inches are on their way to LOCKS FOR LOVE. I missed the event but got some awesome pics. Check them out at the bottom of the post.
--The Lakeside Rummage Sale was Sat and I missed it. Grandma took the kids and they all got a few things. Still need to hit a few more stores to plan for Halloween.
--Austin got contacts to wear at game time - so far so good. He is really liking them.
--Travis, Michelle, Mike & Sarah all came over on Sunday for dinner and pumpkin carving. It is always a great time to have all the kids home at the same time.

Well--I think that is it ---I will leave you with some fun pics and some layouts I finished at the retreat. Happy Tuesday.

hair 4-6hair 5-7

work 5-7jacks 5-7
travis carving 2michelle carving 2austin carving
jordan pumpkin 2sarah pumpkinchase carving
luke carvinggoofy luke

An acrylic album:

summer mini coversummer mini back
summer mini 2-3summer mini 4-5
summer mini 6-7summer mini 8-9
summer mini 10-11summer mini close up

This is for a contest over at justcre8.com --- use a rebus in a layout:

great beyond-small

Stuff for the Scrap-Diner:

construction copy

speak softlybirds of a feather



Vote Again!

Head over the Your Memories by Design and vote this week! Our assignment was to use a unique shape for the mats --- there are so fun things out there!




Congratulations are in order.....

to Jordan for being named the NAIA Cascade Conference Defensive Player of the week! She racked up two shut-out performances in 2 nights. She was HOT! The Northwest Ladies are headed to the playoffs for the first time in their existance! Here's to you ladies---go all the way.


News Article:

Clayberg and Holmes Named CCC POTWWomen's Soccer: Monday October 20, 2008

PORTLAND, Ore. - Sophomore Brittanique Clayberg and freshman goalkeeper Jordan Holmes were named Cascade Conference Offensive and Defensive Players of the Week today as announced by the conference office.

Clayberg (Snohomish, Wash.) had a hand in both NU victories over the weekend as she assisted on the game winner by Brittney Marshall in the 1-0 Eagle win over Warner Pacific on Friday and scored the game winning goal with 38 seconds remaining in the game on Saturday and the Eagles shut out Corban College.

"Britannique has worked so hard on speed and quickness in the off season and has excelled to another level of play," said head coach Erin Redwine. "Her touch and smart decisions give our midfield great strength. I'm proud of her maturity and leadership this year."

Holmes (Mountlake Terrace, Wash.) was in goal for the Eagles in both wins and earned the shut outs, the third and fourth for Holmes. In goal, Jordan logged 180 consecutive minutes of scoreless goalkeeping, registering three saves in the two games. Holmes is now ranked 4th in the CCC in shutouts.

"Jordan's a risk taker and is exciting to watch," commented coach Redwine. "She's working well with our back line and her confidence and excitement for the game is contagious."

Junior forward Brittney Marshall (Monroe, Wash.) is now tied for first in the CCC with Justine Pronovost of Concordia with four game winners a piece.

It was the sixth and 7th shutous for the Eagles this season and they recorded their 7th win, the most for any women's team since its inaugural season in 2006.

The Eagles play their final regular season home game this Friday evening at the Starfire Sports Complex in Tukwila against Northwest Christian University at 5 pm.


Cards for Heroes

help me two

Card themes most needed are:

Missing You
Thank You

Cards can be any size and weight as postage for the military is free of charge. The only restriction is there can be no glitter used on the cards. Glitter can be seen through night vision goggles and can be hazardous to our troops! No envelopes are required for cards 4.25 x 5.5 in size. Cards for Heroes will provide them. However, if you have them and would like to add them to your donation, feel free!

This is a great cause! For those of you that are local and want to help me out and contribute cards - you can bring them to the Urban Scrapbooker. For every 5 cards turned in to her store, Brooke is offering a entry into a drawing for a fabulous prize! Thanks for the help, Brooke!

I will be collecting cards until November 21st, please think about helping me out - I would love to collect 500 cards!

Sweet Sunday Morning

Here it is 11:00am on Sunday morning and I am still in my pajamas in my bed on my laptop-----I can't remember the last time I was so lazy. I am loving it! I have caught up on all my forums, browsed through some awesome galleries, made a list of stuff I want to accomplish at my retreat next weekend, responded to emails, and updated my calendar. Now that I've listed all that, I don't feel so lazy! But it has been wonderful to be able to do it all curled up in my cozy bed with Cooper! The kids are off at church and David is at work for a few hours and it's just me and my dog. Wow--visions of an empty nest. I think I will enjoy it for a few hours---but i know I will start to miss the chaos!

Jordan had another fabulous game last night with Northwest University scoring with only 34 seconds left in the game to win 1-0. Wow--it was tense. They are having a fabulous season and are headed to the post season for the first time in the women's soccer program's history. Love that Jordan is part of that. I will miss her next game on Friday night but I will be home and anxious for the quarter final game Halloween weekend. So exciting.

All the boys had great games yesterday too---and to top it off it was a beautiful fall day---sunshine and 60 degrees. Absolutely breathtaking with the changing leaves and the clear sky. Wow-I love autumn.

Had a break last week from all the contests that I have usually gotten myself involved in. I have to say---the break was nice, but I couldn't find my mojo anywhere. All I wanted to do was create a layout for myself and for the life of me, I couldn't seem to get excited about it. So, I went to Dixie Pieces and lifted one of the great layouts in the gallery by Bamabuttercup (don't you love that user name?) So here it is--not very elaborate--but I love it just the same.

best grandma ever

That's for you, mom, we love you! Thanks for dinner last night too---teh Outback was fabulous and quite a treat!

Thanks to everyone that voted this weekend too---I will know tomorrow if I rec'd enough votes to move on. I hope I did--I am really enjoying this blog site and all her fabulous crafty goodness. Don't forget to check her out: http://yourmemoriesbydesign.ca/phpBB2/index.php.

On a different note: I am trying out for a spot as a November Guest Designer on a Challenge Sketch Blog and I made it to the finals! Creatively Yours is a very fun blog with fabulous sketches by Noella. Check it out: http://creativelyyours.wordpress.com/. Tanisha and Rae both work with her sketches every month and it would be so cool and such an honor to get to hang out with them for the month! As a finalist, I will receive a sketch tomorrow morning and get a chance to design a layout from it as the final step in the selection process! Love this kind of stuff! Wish me luck!

Don't forget to come on over to Dixie Pieces for their birthday bash---going on all month!

And the Diner is having a clearance blow-out sale, so check that out too!

ANd be on the watch for some information on a new cause that I am taking on---Cards for Heroes! More info to come by Tuesday on that!

Have a sweet Sunday.


Time to Vote Again

Hey everyone---head on over to http://www.yourmemoriesbydesign.ca/SYTYCS/Round2.html and vote for your favorite layout this weekend. We were suppose to compose a layout with the colors of our favorite ice cream---mmmmm..I'm hungry again.


Coffee Nite

David is in Arizona for a few days for work and I was a little bummed out last nite. I had a conflict - wanted to be in two places at the same time - both to watch the boys. I made a decision and went to watch Chase's baseball game and to see him pitch. I sent Jordan to church to watch Austin and his band play their first "gig" at Coffee Nite. Coffee Nite is an event the youth group has once in a while where anyone who wants to can go up on stage and sing. We have a lot of young raw talent at our church and it is such a blessing to see them give it up to the Lord unashamed. You can imagine how bummed I was that I was going to miss him play. After all, our family is known for being musically challenged and he is stepping out of the box and putting himself out there.

So, I'm sitting at the baseball game and it is pouring down rain--and they aren't going to call the game. I am sitting in the car trying to dry off and thinking---I should just pull Chase out of the game and go to church. But I can't. So, I start to pray---okay Lord-give me peace. Then I get a call from Jordan--Austin's band is going to play last to give me a chance to get there. They are slated to play at 7:55. Well, that's all fine and good - but it's 7:15 and we are only in the 3rd inning. Then to my horror-my car shuts off -my battery is dead. Thankfully, I am able to get another parent to help me out and jump the car-by then we were having a torrential rain storm. As soon as the car was running again---the game get's cancelled. Praise the LORD! However, it's now 7:45 and my chances of making it in time are slim. So we head out and just in case we head to church. We get there at 8:05 and Austin is sitting outside - and all I can think is how sorry I feel that I didn't make it. He comes running up to the car and says--we're on next!

Yeah! I got to hear them. I was so proud of him and his buddies. Most of the boys in the bad are Pastor's kids and are used to preaching on streetcorners and putting themselves in front of others. Mine isn't. But, he was strong up there! Totally amazing. They even wrote both the songs they played! Now-don't get me wrong--you could tell that they were just starting out--but they rocked! Gotta love it. - They are only 13!


austin 1 austin



Hey There!

Wow---sinus issues have really hit me between the eyes --- funny, huh? Yeah, well ---not so much. I have had a sinus headache for over a week and it has really kept me down. I did finally hit the doctor's office yesterday, and the only solution that they could offer was a new med, no fireplace burning and some extra moisture in the air. Okay--so I will try all that and let you know how it goes!

Otherwise, life is moving along. Funny how that works---just keeps moving along regardless of whether we are keeping up or not. Sometimes, I just wish I could be left behind for a few days---but then what happens? I have to catch up and that isn't any fun either! SO, here I am --- plugging along and trying to enjoy it all.

Fall has hit the PNW and the weather is cool and clear, the leaves are changing colors and the holidays are right around the corner. I do love this time of year. I love getting out all my sweaters and staying warn and cozy. Those sweaters have a whole other appeal to me this year too---need to hide some of these extra pounds that I am packing around with me. I am having the worst time. I know that I need to lose 20 pounds, and I even know how to do it, but I have to desire at all and it is really bumming me out. I need some motivation. Well, besides having my clothes fit! ANy ideas? I am up for anything. One thing that is making it harder is the time I sit scraping. I know this---but man, I don't want to give up all my scrapping time. Just the thought of hitting the gym makes me cringe. I really need to work on this part of my life. I must find some time to exercise--something fun that I will do. I need some ideas badly.

Last Saturday when we went to Austin's game in Fall City---we hit Snoqualamie Falls afterward and looked around the town. We even went to lunch in a real restuarant. It was fun to get out and take some pics and have some family time. It was a mild 34 degrees when we got up---40 degrees and frosty and the park when we got there----and about 55 degrees and warm by the time the game had started. Beautiful Day!

Austin warming up:

soccer3soccer 2soccer 4

The frost on the playground:

ice toy

The changing leaves:


The boys at the park:

boysropeboys 5-7chase toy 5-7toy 5-7

and my favorite pic of the day:

luke rope bw

The falls:

falls 4-6falls 4-6 2

David & Austin:

david austin 5-7

and some layouts I just finished:

little man

miss jordan

sibling education

and a couple of cards for the Creatively Yours Challenge Blog - http://creativelyyours.wordpress.com/

i love y ou card2i love you card

Make it a great day.

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