Yep --it's Sunday Again!

Posting once a week like clockwork! Oh, well---works for me right now! I just got finished balancing the checkbook - always a fun time. This time was no exception. It always amazes me how we start out with such a great plan--and it looks so good and then the unexpected stuff pops up and bites you in the A$$.

Let's see---here are the highlights and the lowlights!

---Austin would like contacts for soccer--right now he goes without his glasses and says he is having a hard time seeing the soccer ball---hmmm, that's a pretty big ball! In addition, he needs new goalie gloves --turns out that in the last 3 months his hands have grown 2 sizes! I can't believe it---but he is growing right before my eyes!

---Jordan needed practice gear for college soccer---I guess they need to look fabulous during practice too! She is doing great and they have their first real conference game next weekend. If anyone wants the schedule, shot me an email and I will get it to you.

---Cooper is eating so much -- definitely not in the budget. Neither was the flea stuff that we bought today for $75! He is still my lapdog and trys to sit in my lap every chance he gets, all 60 pounds of him.

---Luke has soccer club raffle tickets ---$2.00 a piece and you have 5 chances to win 100 gallons of gas! If anyone wants any----let me know!

---Gas is dropping--Thank you Lord!----but still costing us a fortune.

---Happened to show up at Costco last week as they were putting out a limited stock of Wiis. Yes--I bought one. I promised the boys one after the recroom was finished and I was using the excuse that I couldn't find one to not buy one. Well there it was right in front of me flying off the shelf. Caved.

---Shopped at Albertson's this week - check out this receipt:
Pretty spectacular --- spent $145 saved $206! Total High.

---Neighbor payed me for my summer of babysitting here and there for her. Covered the expense of the Wii---what a GOD thing.

---David & I spent some quality time together making a plan for the next few months - love that time with him.

---Used a great 2 for 1 coupon last night at an Irish Pub in Kirkland before Jordan's game. Haven't been on a real date with David in what feels like years. It was GREAT!

Okay--so let's get away from the Money talk and move on!

Some fun pics this week from Chase's baseball game---btw--he is having a terrific season so far! He went 3 for 3 last night with a huge double! Pitching great too!

Love the look of determination on his face in this one---and that tongue action is classic!

This is a closeup I took of Luke from across the park---the scratches are from Cooper---when they wrestle together!
luke closeup

And this is a hawk that was very interested in what baseball was all about!

In other news:

I can't wait to get on that plane and head to Arizona to see Sher --countdown 11 days. I am looking forward to it and even have my spending money in that balanced budget! That is thanks to working some hours at the Urban Scrapbooker! Thanks Brooke! Looking forward to some quality friend time---some good talks---some good shopping - some good scrapping - and even some good time helping out at the Diner. I can't wait. 4 days of downtime --with a great friend!

Speaking of scrappin---in that area of my life:

-The Diner is having a huge birthday month and the big news is that for every $20 you spend in the store, you get a chance in the drawing for a brand new digital camera---a CANON SD750! Check it out here

Did this layout for the Retro Challenge over at the Diner:


she has some great challenges in the forums right now---awesome ideas for layouts and fun ways to win prizes!

-Just found out that I am get to work for Dixie Pieces for another term as one of their designers! I am thrilled! They are some of my favorite people and I am excited to continue to recieve their fabulous kit every month! Don't forget to check them out. www.dixiepieces.com Speaking of Dixie Pieces, I just finished up all my designs for October! I am so excited to show everyone but can't until the 1st! You are going to want this kit!

-Spent the day at the Urban Scrapbooker yesterday. It was her big 1 year birthday party! It was tons of fun. We had lots of great customers, cake and cookies, Nancy from Scenic Route was there doing make & takes, tons of great sales, live music and free mochas and lattes ---what more could you ask for?

This mini was completed for the store and for the Diner -- a joint project!

COVERMINI 2minibook 8MINI 4

-In school (scrappin contest) over at the Bad Girls Academy - our first assignment was layering for texture. Here is my layout:

at the patch

Sherry, Brenna and Lynda are playing along too! We all made it through the first week and ended up on the Honor Roll so we get to go to class again this week. Turns out there were over 300 students in the first class and 180 or so move on. I think this week they basically only cut those that didn't get their layout done in time.

-Still waiting patiently to hear who the winner of the big prize is over at Croppin in Paradise. I must check that site 20 times a day!

What am I forgetting? Oh yeah---Sarah & Mike came to the soccer game last night---it was fun to see them and get a chance to visit. Usually we are at some family function somewhere and don't get to chat. They are doing well---Mike is on strike with Boeing --but they have a good plan to see them through. I was totally impressed with their budgeting sense so early in their marriage! Great job guys!

Okay--that's it---sorry for the extra long post ---everyone have a great week in school, at work, or wherever else you will be! Keep your thoughts and prayers with the hurricane victims!

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Jennifer said...

LOVE your mini, Kim ... what a fun retreat too. :)

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