Take a Look at This!


WOW~ that is the box that arrived today courtesy of Donna Downey and her supply purge a couple weeks ago! I left her a comment on why I would love to get her purged supplies and I was one of the winners! Look at that --almost 4 inches of paper! Amazing! So totally cool and generous of her! For those of you who haven't already---head over and check out her blog.

I can't wait to take a peek and look through it all---but alas---it will have to wait as I am running around with my head cut off today packing and getting the house and kids ready to survive without me for 4 days while I visit Sher in Arizona! Don't forget to join us this weekend at the Bosum Buddies Crop for a Cure over at www.scrap-diner.com!

Thanks Donna! You made my day!


Jackie said...

Oh my, and THAT was a purge, can you imagine how much paper she must have! You are one lucky gal. LOL

Amanda Ann said...

I am so jealous that you are with Sher right now!! I wish I still lived down the street, I would LOVE to get to meet you face to face! :)

I gave you a blog award, go check out my blog for the details. ;)

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