Don't Faint.

I am here again! The kids are off school today----the district is off and if we tried to do school, we would be constantly interrupted by the neighbor kids, so we just take the day off too!

Great day to catch up on paperwork and scrapping projects!

I have an assignment coming up----need to scrap a page using a foreign title --so I am going with "Au Naturel" and using this pic:


Anyone remember this one? Luke at 2 1/2 at Hood Canal. One of my all-time favorites.

Finished another page for my neighbor today --- not one of my favorites but it's done.

cuter than kermit copy

I also got my next page finished for the Badgirlskits Contest - it was combining patterned papers and using colors from your photos. Luke how small Cooper was!

a boy and his dog

Here is one I did for the ONE COLOR Challenge over at the Diner:

move mouontains

This last one was for the "Swimming Event Olympic Challenge" over at Sketchbooknz.com -- had to have a nautical theme.


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