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hey all--it's Sunday and I'm exhausted. Literally exhausted. It's only 8:00pm and I have already taken my meds and am ready for bed. Talk about whirlwind weekend. How about a recap?

Started off Friday morning with a trip to South Seattle to Gennessee Park to watch the Blue Angels fly. This is always a treat but being right there was the coolest. I started to take pics--but then I realized I would miss the show if I was always trying to catch them in my viewfinder. So no pics this year. I do have a couple pics of the boys - the Army, Navy, Air Force & Marines were there at the little fair---shopping for recruits and having some fun give aways. At one stop, you had to do pull-ups. If you could do more than 11 you got a cool Marines hat. Well, the boys wanted them but there was no way --so David stepped up. Not only did he do more than 11 but he did it twice! He's my stud!

david army station 5-7

Here's Luke giving it a try---wish I had a better shot of his face---he was using every muscle in his body to pull him up!

luke chin up

Since there are three boys and another prize was needed, He went to the Army booth and did 60 pushups for a backpack, water bottle and bracelet! The boys were in awe---they have a cool dad.

After the show---it took us almost 2 hours to make our way home - normally a 20 minute ride! Traffic was terrible and I was completely stressed by the time I got home. See, the crop had started at Dixie Pieces already and I was missing it! I was doing a countdown game on the forum and I underestimated how many folks would play. It was suppose to last through most of the weekend crop, but those girls had it all done in 3 1/2 hours!

Speaking of the crop, I did manage to get 3 done---I really wanted to get more accomplished but you know, life happened.

This one about getting my nose pierced ---yes, I know that it doesn't say that on the layout--I'll be adding it! My mistake!

life is good

This one for a food challenge:

all dressed up

And this one for a scraplift challenge:

Beach walkin

Saturday morning arrived bright and early and we headed up to church for the Rummage Sale. The kids had their own table and were raising money to go to camp at the end of the month. They worked all day and I made trips up there and back to check on them while I scrapped for the crop. They did a great job! The boys just have about $30 more dollars to raise! Gotta love fundraising!

Between trips and scrapbooking, I was determined to get my recroom trim painted and orgainized. Well, we made a good dent. The trim is almost complete, just have one more coat on the windows. The room is starting to come together and I am thinking I like it!

Last night we also watched the movie American Gangster ---wow - was that intense. Not sure how I felt about Denzel being the bad guy --- but I know I loved Russell as the good guy!

Finally, today----a little more scrapping, 10 loads of laundry, a lot more painting and cleaning, and a little yard work and here I am -----EXHAUSTED.

To bed I say, off to bed.

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