Happy Birthday David~

It's my honey's 50th birthday today and it just feels so much like a milestone ---We are not big on birthday's at our house, but 50--well that deserves a party! So we are having a neighborhood BBQ tonight and are expecting 40+ people. Should be a great time---pics to follow!

We have really been celebrating all weekend!

Friday night we took the boys for burgers and to see "THE DARK KNIGHT" --it was quite a treat because movies are just one of those things we don't spend money on. But, we had free tickets and we totally enjoyed ourselves! The movie was fabulous if you like that sort of thing--and we do!

Then yesterday, David & Austin went golfing--just the 9 hole course by our house. We followed that with a trip to the eastside to watch a preseason soccer game of Northwest University. Then David went to play poker with his friends and came home the big winner. Yeah for that!

Today--well it has just started---but he got to sleep in till 10am which is like all day to him--quite a treat. Now we are in clean up mode and just getting ready for the BBQ.

I really want to wish him Happy Birthday though----he is totally the love of my life and I want to spend 50 more years with him!

I'm sure you have noticed that I have been a bad bad bad blogger! I have been just so crazy with planning for school and all my fun scrappy projects that I haven't had much time to share. I hope to rectify that this fall---by actually scheduling blogging time---how's that for organization--a little OCD don't you think?

Anyway--those scrappy projects---let me share a few with you!

The contest over at www.Scraplove.com came to a close this week. I completed week number 6 which was a book about me. I altered a basic Making Memories book by cutting out the pages and sewing them back together with office tags. I then converted it from a post bound album to a ring album. That is another trick Joy Madison taught me! Thanks, JOY!!! It was fun---I stitched them for added stregnth and got sappy with my journaling! Just a few of the pages, but you get the idea.


aam 3aam 4

This was last weeks entry--week #5 --forgot to share it with you:

hoooo are u looking at

The contest is based on points and the winners should be announced this week---there was some fabulous talent and guest judges. It was a lot of fun. Go over and check the entries out in their gallery!

Scrap-Diner is going strong and we are planning a huge 1 year birthday party that will last the whole month of September! I can't wait. www.scrap-diner.com --- make sure you head over and get registered so you can join in the fun! Should be a great time. Here are some projects designed for the Diner this month.

This is with Cloud 9's Max's Backyard: ---sorry for the blurry pic!

wild waggin fun

These are with Sassafrass Lass Whale of a Tale:

day at the beach


All my DT's are celebrating their one-year birthday's in September. The Urban Scrapbooker is having their party on September 13th. If you are local--you should join us---she is having some great prizes and Scenic Route will be in the house doing the make & take! In addition, she is running a great contest which will start soon---these are my samples:

one very special day

baby cover

inside baby

inside baby 2

Can you guess the contest theme?

And a few things just because:

beat the Heat

This is a card box:

card box

card box open


Of course I am always in the middle of something---so I'm sure it doesn't surprise you that I am starting another contest! But, I can't share the layouts with you until they are revealed on the contest site---so that will be coming soon!

Hey--I love everyone and I hope that your last few days of summer are awesome!


Jackie said...

First, Happy Birthday David!!!!
Second, WOW WOW WOW, those are awesome, layouts!!!

scrappinsher said...

If I haven't told you lately. I love you. You rock.

Happy Birthday David! Wishing you 50 more!

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