Happy Birthday Baby!

WOW--20 years ago today my first child was born! I know it is cliche -- but it really does seem like yesterday -- at least because I can remember it so clearly. It was 2 weeks before my due date and David had just had his first knee surgery. This was suppose to give him plenty of time to recover in time for the birth. NOT! Travis decided to be born the day after his surgery and David was a site to see-moving around the labor room on his stool with wheels. But we made it through and were able to recover together for a few months afterwards. Those were sweet times -- Just me, my honey and my baby together with nothing else to do but hang out. Life was easy---for the most part!

After 20 years, Travis is still my baby, at least, in my heart. I haven't figured out how to let go of that yet. Maybe moms never do, I don't know. I do know that I love him so much and have since that first moment I saw him 20 years ago. I think I need to remind him of that more often---

Here are a couple of old pics for you:

This is the morning he was born--I must have known - check out those huge glasses!

me pregnant

Here is David hanging out on the couch trying to recover-

david travis

and my baby today ---I love you Travis --Happy Birthday!

travis snow 5-7


Leah said...

Look at you! and look how teeny tiny he is! Wow! Great pictures!

scrappinsher said...

Look at you preggers. Such an awesome memorY!

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