First a rant.....

Why isn't anything ever as easy as you think it will be? Why isn't it easier than you think it will be? Why? Someone please enlighten me!

SO, I get up really early this morning and my plan is to tackle touching up the paint in the living room before the heat sets in. So, I get everything ready, I stir the paint - which by the way is brand new from Home Depot last night - start to paint and think---hmmm, this doesn't seem like the right color. But, I check the paint lids and sure enough it matches completely with all the numbers, style and brand of paint that was on the original paint can. So, I think it must just need to dry. So I keep painting. Just for reference, all I was hoping to paint was about 10 nail head holes that the contracators "popped" while building the remodel. There was also a square patch about a foot square. take me 20 minutes max. So, I paint it and let it dry and it is definitely NOT the right color---it is grey and not tan. But, the catch is ---all the numbers match and it should be the right color--so there is no way now that I am going to get the right color mixed. I end up taking 4 hours and painting the whole living room! so mush for quick and easy. I didn't carry the color into my office because I don't want to move all that stuff out of my office so I have this really cool line from ceiling to floor on the main wall where the colors meet. UGUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

See---it could have been sooooo easy but not. I am learning to expect that when Home Depot is involved. They use to be so great! Everyone knew what they were talking about and they had real "experts" working there. Now----I don't htink there is ever anyone there that knows what they are talking about---most of there employees have absolutely no home improvement experience --- in fact most of them still live at home with their parents! Hate what a crappy economy does to the work force.

Okay---enough whinning.

Chase is at a friends house, Austin is with a buddy at a lake up north, Jordan is at school, David is outside shoveling dirt and Luke is just hanging out! Luke & David are having some one on one time tonight so it will be just me at home---organizing and scrapping! Yeah for me!

I decorated some new wrappers for some huge Hershey bars to give to the kids for Halloween --- it was a very cool challenge over at the Scrap-Diner. We are all about getting the holidays started early over there this month. Head on over and check out all the fun things going on!

candy bar 1

candy bar 3

candy bar 2

candy bar 4

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