Weekend recap!

had a great day yesterday with my mom - we spent the morning garage saleing in Brier - they were having a community garage sale. It was great because there wasn't too much driving around and we could be outside and walking in the sunshine! We found some great things - well, maybe not great - but good deals!

I bought this plaque for my bedroom for $5:

IMG_0215 007

I bought these 14 new little league baseballs for $3;

IMG_0212 004

I bought these goggles for airsofting for 25 cents - we go through these all the time:

IMG_0211 003

I bought 2 new area rugs for $5:

IMG_0209 001

I bought 2 pairs of baseball pants for fall ball season for $1:

IMG_0214 006

I bought new bike tubes for 25 cents - I actually had these on my to do list so that we could fix Jordan's bike!:

IMG_0210 002

I also bought some tupperware, some playschool toys and a few odds and ends. I love the thrill of a good deal. I think the one that made me most happy was the bioke tubes -silly, I know. But, it saved me gas and a trip to the bike repair store in addition to the $$ I saved. Gotta love that!

Grandma made some good purchases too---she bought this for the boys for the new recroom:

IMG_0216 008

It is pretty cool--it has other boards for chess, checkers, backgammon, pool, bowling, air hockey and table tennis. They will be thrilled.

The other very cool thing she found was a covered cat box full of essentials for having a kitten ----food, toys, bowls, etc. It was about $50 worth of stuff for $5. Now, my mom didn't have a kitten but she always thought she might want one. I told her if she was serious, she should get the stuff because it was a great deal. So, to my surprise, she did. Then when we got home we went on Craigslist to look for kittens, and imagine my surprise to see that it was kitten adoption day at the local petstore. SO off we went. Now, my mom wanted a orange little girl kitten. They are pretty hard to find. But, we walked in and there she was --- the only orange kitten that the rescue organization had seen in a very long time. It was totally a GOD thing. I love that when it happens! She is adorable. My mom said that she had to fill out more paperwork to adopt her than she did to adopt me over 40 years ago! But, she is so sweet and they are already best buddies. Mom says she follows her everywhere and especially loves her scrapping table!


She loves to get in the bathtub ---she cracks me up! She is special too--she has a crook in her tail. I mean it literally makes a z ---looks like a little stub. So cute. I think they are going to be so good for each other!

After we got the kitten settled -- I was able to get mom's porch and front door area vacuumed and cleaned up for her. I need to get over there more often to help out. That is a goal for me - Sher has been a great inspiration to me - I need to make sure that I am thankful for everyone in my life and make the time to help out more.

Mom blessed Jordan & I with some cash for our trip this week to Chicago. We are finally getting excited and I need to start thinking ahead and making some plans on what we want to do while we are there.

What else?

I spent the eveening last night cropping with the girls over at Scraplove.com - they are having a contest that starts today and they had a mini crop to start off the contest. I wasable to get all the challenges done in time. Most are just quick layouts without much fancy stuff --but I love that I was able to get 11 more sets of pictures scrapped!

1-----this one was for the uncommon shape challenge:

puppy love

2-----this one was for the music challenge:

smile now

3-----this one was for the color challenge:

keep them laughing

4-----this one was for the ad challenge:


5-----this one was for the scraplift challenge:

go girl

6-----this one was for the camping challenge:


7-----this one was for the alphabet challenge:

l is for luke

8-----this one was for the winter in July challenge:

snow cute copy

9-----this one was for the wings challenge:

family copy

10-----this one was for the all patterned paper challenge:


11-----this one was for the sketch challenge:

summer love

The 6 week contest starts today---I need to get my first layout done by Tuesday since I leave on Wednesday. After the last two weekends of non-stop scrapping, I may be all scrapped out. Did I just say that??? We'll have to see if printing out some fun new pictures makes me get back in the grove!

David & Luke are on their way home from Skagit County as we speak. I can't wait to see them, I have been getting reports that they have had a fabulous time. VBS starts tomorrow at Westgate Chapel, so that will be great fun for the boys this week.

Love you all tons-----


Marci Knecht said...

Wow, did you get some awesome deals or what? Gorgeous layouts :)

Susannah said...

Love garage sale finds! And your layouts are great I love the one L is for Luke. Have fun in Chi town;)

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