Just a Quick Update---

turns out the we can get internet access down here at the beach house! Well, not technically, but my wireless is picking it up from somewhere. So - just a quick note to tell you all we made it down here. Traffic was lite - the trip was pleasant and the kids were great. Cooper, on the other hand, ignored the dramamine we gave him and threw up 3 times on the way down. Thankfully, he was in his kennel in the truck canopy and we didn't know till we got there. He is fine now!

Played at the beach today for a few hours, watched a movie, scrapped a little, took a ride in the rowboat, took a tap and had pizza for dinner ---all in all, a great start to our vacation.

Check back in tomorrow!

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Marci Knecht said...

Glad to hear you arrived safe and sound - poor Cooper :\ Enjoy your trip!

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