It's so quiet----I like it

Can you hear that? Listen carefully? Still nothing?

I KNOW!!!!! After a week of utter chaos and constant commotion, my house is silent---sweet, peaceful & silent. I am catching up on all the emails, blogs, and forums that I have had to ignore for the last week while we got ready for the funeral reception.

Are you ready to hear how many people were here? Our estimate is 120! It was truly amazing. There were over 250 at the church service. I have to admit - at one point in the middle of the service, I turned around from the first row and gasped at the number of people. All I could think about was, "they aren't ALLLLLL coming to my house, right? But it was a beautiful service. It was amazing to see how many lives she touched and how many people and families she was part of.

So right now, the boys and David are on their way to the Skagit Valley for a weekend of fun and concerts with the Church Choir and I am enjoying the silence while breathing in the fragrance of about 8 beautiful flower arrangements that grace my house still.

It has been an exhausting week--but you know what? I would do it all again in a heartbeat. It was truly a blessing to get to spend time with my mom and aunts on a common task. I wish the task hadn't been my grandmother's funeral --but even after she was gone, she was orchestrating ways to bring us all closer together. Just in case you didn't know --my Grandmother rocked!!! She was the best ---

Say hello to Jesus for me Grandma -- sweetness.


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