I love you, Grandma

It's been a tough day for us - Grandma Pederson passed away yesterday. SHe was in a lot of pain and I know she is in a better place. But, no matter how happy I am that she is pain free and safe in HIS arms, it is definitely tough for those she left behind. Most of you know that we are at the cabin-the beach house-the place that holds so many great memories for me of my grandma. Everywhere I look, I see things that remind me of her.

Her robe is hanging in the closet - she used to cook us oatmeal for breakfast everyday wearing it. Funny thing - none of us really liked oatmeal - but we ate it because she cooked it.

Her slippers are in there too---those sweet white grandma type booties with little bows. I wore them yesterday - kept me warm all over.

The drawers are full of plastic containers - that should be recylced - but were saved because she never threw anything away.

Well, you get the idea - I could go on and on. Just this place screams her name. She brought her family together here - this was the one place that we all could forget about the world around us and just be together.

I have to say that I am worried now - Her daughters and their families have a lot going on in their lives. Things that don't always bring us together very often. Big family gatherings happen only a few times a year and then we are lucky if everyone is there. Life will get in the way. My thoughts today are on what I can do to keep that from happening. It's definitely a tough one. Especially because I have the busiest family. I have accepted that things will be different. But, I wish that I could bring things back about 10 years - and relive some of those times -so I could tell my kids how important it is to remember and appreciate family. You can't have those times back - I am thankful for my memories.

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Jennifer said...

Kim, Sending prayers and (((HUGS))) for you and your family.

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