Challenge Layout & beach photos!

So, I finished my challenge layout just in time today for the contest over at www.scraplove.com. The challenge was to dig through your junk drawers and pull out 3 items to use on your page.

I used:
1-Coopers brand new leash that he chewed up within a week
2-3 large white paper clips
3-An old orange file folder


Also, I have my beach photos cropped and ready to share---only took me 3 weeks! There are tons of them---long post!

sign 5-7

shadows 5-7

austin feet 5-7

luke beach 5-7

my boys 5-7

me & coop 5-7

austin 5-7

luke driftwood 5-7

boogie board chase 5-7

windy dog 5-7

crooked 5-7

life 5-7

brick wall 5-7

my guy 5-7

boogie board luke 5-7

westport 5-7

my pirate 5-7

lame on 5-7

pag chase 5-7


luke marshmelloe

ready set 5-7

chase cart 5-7

david 5-7 carts

luke cart 5-7

austin cart 5-7

There are tons more fun ones---but don't want to bombard you with too many!

I do have to share one last photo---this one was sent to me by my mom---this is her new kitten Zena - asleep on her heating pad---she is one spoiled kitten!


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