Torrential Rain = Fun!

Remember last fall when the torrential rains played havoc on the creek and we were frantically sandbagging in an attempt to keep the creek out of our house? Well, thankfully, we were never in danger of that happening yesterday so the cult de sac became a water playground for the boys. For 15 minutes the rain came down so hard and fast the sewers couldn't keep up and we had a pool!

The best part was ---that I got to cross "water the lawn" off my list without even turning the hose on! Now if only I could get everything off my list so easily!

Here's the fun:

boys 5-7

chase 5-7 rain copy

luke rain 5-7

chase air 4-6

feet 5-7

I love the one where they are jumping---Chase is in the air---they had a great 15 minutes!

Last weekend we laid the sod in the front yard (house pics to follow later today) and cooper tought we were putting it down for him! He was in the way every time we put a roll down and tried to move it. And of course he had to potty on practically every piece! We finally had to put him inside so we could work!

May 30 2008 016

May 30 2008 020

May 30 2008 013

May 30 2008 018

May 30 2008 015

May 30 2008 017

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Leah said...

That is some pretty sod! So green and perfect! I love the pic of their feet!

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