Party time was a success!

What a great graduation party we had! We had over 100 people come and go all day ---great food, great friends, and tons of fun! The sun even shone for us the whole day! I know the Lord did that to answer my prayers because today we are back to stormy weather! Thanks, Lord!

Spent the whole day enjoying myself and refusing to take pictures. I just didn't want to have too----ever felt like that? But, today I am thankful for those that did --cause at least we have a few shots to remind us what a great time we had!

A huge THANK YOU needs to go out to my mom ---she was the first to arrive and the last to leave in addition to helping me shop and cook all day Saturday. I honestly couldn't have done it without her! ALso to all my wonderful aunts and relatives who helped us cook and provided food. It was definitely a group effort!

So, my uncles are all Alaska fisherman (yes, we know or at least have met most of the guys on the show - "the Deadliest Catch"). Jordan's one request for party food was a decorated or dressed salmon. This is a fully cooked & cleaned salmon with the skin removed and then embellished with cucumbers and such. Auntie Evie & Auntie Debbie came through with this beauty:

jordan fish

fish 5-7

In addition, we had teriyaki halibut and just tons of other yummy stuff!

Here are some group shots for you:

Opening gifts:

party 10

party 7

Hanging out on the back deck:

party 2

party 3



party 8

party 11

party 12

party 9

Love this one -Jordan with her Grandma Helen and aunts and uncle. They brought amazing Armenian food ---wow was it good!


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Sherine said...

These made me feel like I was there! Gee..I wish I was.

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