Here's the story:

Austin had a soccer game and then a baseball game back to back about 20 miles north of us in Everett. He had everything ready to go and David was set up to get him from one to the other. I was at another baseball game with Luke and another parent that also has a child on Austin's team was there. We got to talking and she said---they (Austin's team) don't have a game today. I said I thought they did and she even went and checked with the baseball office and came back and told me nope---no baseball game for Austin. So, I tracked down a phone (left mine at home) and after 3 trys finally got a hold of David and told him---NO game and to come home after soccer. So, we all meet up at home and I check the computer schedule and say, "I don't know what happened because the computer says there is a game today". We say---we must not have gotten the memo and move on. We start cleaning for the party and get a phone call. Team mom---"Where is Austin? The game starts in 35 minutes and they need him!" So, we hurry and get him ready and David hits the road. 15 minutes later, I get another call----even with Austin they don't have enough players and there will be no game. So, again, I track David down and tell him to come home, but he is almost to the field and they decide to take a few swings and a little light practice since they are there. I really wanted them to come home----gut feeling maybe---or maybe I just wanted to start clean up again.

Needless to say --- I got a phone call, Austin took a ball in the mouth -busted up his lips and completely moved his two front teeth backwards. They now sit BEHIND his bottom ones when he bites down! There was an oral surgeon there (what are the chances of that?) and he took a look and said that if he hadn't had braces, he would have lost those teeth. As it is, he will have to see the emergency dentist on Monday and then have his whole mouth and braces realigned and that is if there isn't major nerve damage within the next few weeks.

I am kicking myself and saying what if....because there were many times today where I wanted to just say "screw it", stay home. Should have listened to that little voice.

Love you baby---I hope you feel better soon.

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