More dentist news...

So, we saw the orthodontist today----she decided not to let them move back on their own because they may heal incorrectly and end up fussed to the bone which would hamper any further orthodontics. So, they shot him full of Novocaine and manually moved them back ---almost 50%. Then they placed a strong nonbendable wire on them which should move them the rest of the way within 2-4 weeks. We see her again in 2 weeks. The hardest part is that he can't chew. His teeth do not match up properly. In addition, he is going to be in a lot of pain. I feel really bad for him---I also think he is coming down with the flu!

Other than that drama---all is pretty quiet around here. I was able to get a few layouts completed mostly for fun.

my kids are my life

This was for a non-adhesive challenge over at Addicted Scrappers:

skip thru life

I plan on working more tonight and getting caught up on some challenges that I want to finish!

Have a great day.

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