I need a vacation.

Period--a vacation in a place where no one can call me --no one can find me -- no one can tell me they need me. Just a couple of days.

SO this week was suppose tbe the start of a wonderful summer vacation full of lazy warm sunny days. Well, NOT! Not only is it still cold and rainy here but.....

So you remember the teeth issues of last weekend ---they carried into this week -Monday and Tuesday. Then Luke was sick Sunday--Austin was sick Tuesday and Chase came down with it Wednesday. To top it off, I just got back from the clinic where they put 4 stitches into Austin's thumb to hold the skin of his knuckle in place. He was carving a sword-and slipped. He is numbed and wrapped up good--no soccer this weekend.

It has just been a crazy week----Jordan is getting ready now for Prom --- I missed most of it at the doctor's--but they seem to almost be ready.

Pics to come later.

I have been staying up late into the night scrapping---determined to have some me time with my scrapping toys.

This layout was done a while ago but I never posted it. This is my niece Lily when she was a little younger:


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