I have been a bad, bad blogger --AGAIN

It goes in waves for me ---weeks were I blog every day or even twice a day and then there are those times when I can't even get one a week posted. Such is my life. I love it---those busy times are good too. Times when I am mile high in chaos and my to do list is a mile long. Yeah, I love it. Love to complain about it, love to stress about it, love to hate it-----but I love it nonetheless! I am not one to sit around and "relax" much----need to be busy. You know----idle hands.....and all. Anyway -- here is an update for you:

Luke is loving summer break already. He is a natural - never bored - always with something to keep him busy and happy. The best thing so far was him falling in love with bike riding. He has been able to ride a two wheeler for a couple summers already, but he hasn't ever really liked it. Last week, I sent Austin outside with him and told Austin, "Don't let him stop riding till he loves it!". Sounds mean, huh? But, he just needed some brotherly encouragement and attention. Well, and some good tips on how to start and stop!

bike 5-7

bike 2 5-7

He has been outside riding non-stop for the last 3 days -- life is good.

Chase has been busy busy busy with friends and activities and we are only on week 2 of summer! He attended an end-of-school airsoft war at the Jordan's house ---that was a hit! He spent the day downtown with the Rhodes - they toured the replica of the Columbus ship, The Nina. After the tour, the kids choir preformed at Westlake Center. I heard they did a great job. We weren't able to attend---more on that later. Then the next day we had Dayne here all day. He has been a very busy boy. So busy, in fact, that he couldn't stay awake yesterday at Austin's soccer game. Out for the count ---naps are good. I love naps.

Jun 21 2008 021

Austin has been busy too--- between church, friends and soccer - he has very little down time. He has started playing soccer with a select team - Evergreen Soccer Club. Goalie of course! It's been great to be back with Greg and all the great families that he used to play for. This last weekend, they played in a tournament and did great -- won 2 and lost 1. It's a good start to the season. He has also been busy drawing and I was totally impressed by his latest creation.


Jordan has just started her summer this week --she finished up her college classes last week and graduated from Edmonds CC with her AA degree. I am so thankful for the wonderful "Running Start Program" that is offered by the state of WA. She was able to graduate HS and get her AA Degree at no cost to us! She is working tons, trying to get her thank you cards sent, and planning a fun summer before college starts. She reports to soccer on August 10th. Right around the corner. Here is another one of her senior pics ---this layout was done for the final round of the contest over at Addicted Scrappers.

wild flower

Travis is here this week painting the house for us---blessing for all involved! It's nice to see him and I am looking forward to getting to see him all week. I know he is doing good on his own, but I really miss him. Feels good to see his smile.

Jun 22 2008 001-1

Michelle is in Hong Kong with her modeling agency. We miss her, but we know she is doing good. Here we are waving hello to you---Michelle. We love ya!

Jun 22 2008 001

Jun 22 2008 004

Cooper is good--getting bigger and tormenting the neighborhood like all good puppies should! We love him and he is a very good boy!

David & I are busy as usual keeping up with the kids and working on the house. We have the recroom almost ready for paint and the fireplace and the electric should be finished any day! We are happy about that and can see the end in site.

Well---I will save more for later----off to go outside and watch the kids.

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AWWWWWWW i was showing my rommate all your pages you have done and noticed my name!! that was so sweet of you!! it got me a little teary eyed too : ' ) I LOVE AND MISS YOU GUYS!!


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