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I do childcare in the summer for my neighbors and one thing that we like to do is get messy! Okay, well they like to get messy! I don't mind as long as they are outside! It turns out that our new cement driveway is the perfect artspace! Before when all we had was the asphalt --it was too hot and messy to play on. I am loving the new concrete. I got out the paints on Friday and it has been awhile!

painting 4-6

They were all getting pretty crusty and old, so I told them to go for it and use as much as you want. I figure, it is time to stock up on new ones! Well, Naomi was all over it! She even found the glitter (you now the kids glitter that comes it what seems like gallon container). She wasn't happy with her pic until she had emptied all the gold glitter on top of it!

naomi art

Love this one of Sophie too! Messy is soooooo much fun!

sophie art

Luke was a little more conservative and went with rock painting---the only good pic I got was this one of him washing his rock --- in the paint colored water!

luke art

A fun time for everyone! My grass and driveway are now sparkling with glitter!

Last night, Grandma, me, Bonnie and Jordan headed south to IKEA - only get to make the trip a couple times a year with gas prices but man- do we love it there!

I bought this:


It is a reaaly cool wall unit that lays flat against the wall and hooks, clips and baskets fit into the holes wherever you want to place them. My plan it to put them (I bought 2) above my work desk for all my basic supplies. This is the set of baskets and hooks I bought for them (I bought six sets - each set was under $3!)


Then we bought this cool throw blanket for the art loft - our plan is to make it bright and colorful up there. I already have a cool green IKEA sofa that I got at a garage sale for $40! It is a BAZZILL PARAKEET GREEN! I love it.


What else??? Oh yeah, I bought these hooks to make my own clip it up for my new space! I have a great idea for it and if it works, I will share the plans with you!


We also bought wrapping paper, Swedish Meatballs, Cinamon rolls, book ends, plastic bowls, cups and silverware (4 for $1 --the plastic silverware was 4 packs for $1) and curtains for inside the new recroom. We are going to put them in front of the bookshelves to hide all the toys!

Last but not least, we bought a spontaneous purchase --just because it was cute and would match the new loft:


It's a cat bed and after I bought it and brought it home, I thought to myself, "Really? she will never get in it. Well, I was wrong and she hasn't been out of it all day. Go figure.

ethel 5-7

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